So what if everyone thinks you are deluded

So what if everyone thinks you are deludedIt is a crazy paradox being human – Being unique and also being one of the many.


Something inside you feels like you are unique and important and one of a kind but then you look around and see that there are many humans around you who all feel important and unique.


Or who feel annoyed with you for being yourself!


And as you look at the vast sea of humans you are surrounded by, you might start to think that it is silly of you to think you are somehow unique, after all, what is so special about you?


And so, you just get on with life trying to deny your thought of uniqueness.


You might even think it is HUMBLE to just be one of the crowd…


In fact, every institution on the planet has a tendency to try and make everyone the same because that is the only way they feel they can manage all the different personalities.


You went to school and the teachers tried hard to file down all the rough edges in you because it made you easier to manage.


You went to work and again, your managers tried hard to scare you into forgetting your individuality so that again, you were easier to manage.


Some of the more obvious superstars get picked out and put on display as people to emulate but then if you emulate them, you become like the masses all trying to be like the celebrities of their day.


It is hard to hold on to & value your individuality when you do that.


And sometimes, even those celebrities have to only be what people want them to be so again, they are not being their own unique selves, they become a manufactured version of themselves. Not cool!


A relative accused me of trying too hard to be different. He felt I walked through life with a bubble all around me, refusing to be the same as everyone else.


He felt that one day, my bubble would burst and then I would wake up to the fact that I was just one of the many.


And yes, he was angry when he said this…


But it did make me wonder…


Am I crazy in feeling that I am unique?


Am I deluded because inside of me, I feel so different from everyone around me?


Am I deluded because I get this sense that though I am human like everyone else, I am also uniquely created for something awe-inspiring?


Maybe, maybe not…


I kinda can’t be bothered to care anymore what anyone else thinks…


And why do you care?


Does anyone else have to live in your skin?




It is just you in there!


It is just you who has to be sure that you have lived the way you are designed to live so who cares what THEY ALL think.


It is only YOUR fulfillment at stake here!


It is only YOU who gets to feel good about how you live each day…


Or BAD because you forget who you are in order to appease the people who want you to be the same as them.


To forget your dreams and just settle into a boring, mundane life.




There is a part in the bible that talks about us all being part of a body – Different and yet a part of the whole and I agree.


We each have a unique part to play and yet, in the grand scheme of things, the part we play benefits the whole.


So, yes, we are individuals and yes, we are interdependent.


Everyone trying to be a kidney in order to fit in, is just plain silly.


Everyone trying to be a finger or mouth is just plain silly as well.


Everyone exalting the brain as though it is the only part of the body with value is just plain silly!


Everyone trying to avoid being the small intestine because they think it is beneath them or in some way ‘BAD’ is also just plain silly!


Instead, own who you are uniquely…


Rediscover your rough edges – the ones that others tried to file down.


And wake them up.


Stop giving in to the fear that you are deluded…


So what if you are?


It is certainly not the staid and sensible people among us that changed the world. It is the one who saw a big vision and chose to chase after it even though everyone around them thought they were crazy.


Of course, when they found what others would consider success, suddenly they were in everyone’s good books again, and they become the ones everyone should strive to be like!


Yes, people are fickle so if you are looking for approval before you do what you are supposed to be doing, you are unlikely to find it!


Except from a few visionary types.


Most people will not understand why you feel the need to keep pushing, striving when you could just give up and live a dissatisfying, ‘not too bad’ life.


And yet, the paradox lives on within you.


You are the same and yet different.


You are a part of the body and also, an individual.


And that is OKAY!


In fact, the paradox is the norm.


Own the ‘good’ parts and the ‘bad’ parts of you because it is all a part of you!


As you try so hard to dampen down the so-called bad parts instead of facing them and seeing why they are attractive to you, you also dampen down the so-called good parts of you.


And when you take a closer look at the bad parts of you, you might even discover that the reason you think they are bad is because someone else told you that they were.


Maybe they are not ‘bad’…


Maybe they are just not conducive to fitting in with the crowd and being the same as everyone else around you…


Maybe your people are waiting to hear from you…


But you keep trying to be someone you are not because you think it would be deluded to be who you are.


And so, you keep trying to be the wrong part of the body and you feel wrong inside.




Stop trying to be a finger and instead be the big toe you would rather be 😀


That is completely fine!


Are you ready?




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