“A black day” some say
“There will be war. This man is the devil” others say…
“Wahey! My saviour has come!” Others say
My question is this…
Why is it so easy to ascribe incredible power to someone other than yourself?
Now I have no opinion on Trump really, I did not follow the campaign or anything so I don’t mostly care really…
But I do care that powerful individual, (in some cases – Spirit-led) people think that one man can somehow change everything when they themselves don’t believe they carry the same power.
If there will be a war and darkness, it is because more than one man brings it about…
It will be because individual people propagated fear and thought they were powerless to do anything about it!
If it is a great presidential period for America and the world, it will be because individual people woke the heck up to their own power and started changing the things they wanted to see changed.
Seriously! This incredible need of people to pass the buck to some ONE person in government is just crazy to me!
You act on those intuitive nudges within you!
You be the leader you are born to be!
And stop being so concerned about what ONE person is doing when you ain’t doing much!

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