Smelly Armpits, Avoid Bank Accounts

Nothing just happens…

From time to time, I get caught up in thinking that just because I want something to happen, it automatically will with no input from me and then I get frustrated when I realize nothing much has changed.

How silly…

I remember being in school – too many years ago to count! – and I remember looking at all the older girls which was mostly everyone as I was 2-3 years younger than everyone else in my year!

Anyway, I looked at them and I thought that when I finally caught up in years, I would suddenly be the person with the most tidy locker (wardrobe), I would somehow get into the habit of enjoying having a cold bucket bath everyday so my armpits did not smell any longer, I would somehow make the most of our limited supplies and become beautiful, cool calm and collected.

And nope, it did not happen.

I remember getting to 3 years later, still in school and suddenly waking up to the realization that I ACTUALLY HAD TO CHANGE something if I wanted it to change… so you will be happy to know I figured out how to stop my armpits smelling!

But this is the thing, I HAD TO TAKE OWNERSHIP of the issue…

Just because I wanted things to be a certain way did not make it so. I have to do something to make it happen…

You do not suddenly grow into being a better person, more organized, more together and all of that good stuff, you have to actively participate in the change you want to see.

You have to live life deliberately!

You have to become an active participant in your evolution, your wealth creation and all of that.

Nothing good just happens…

The only stuff that does just happen is usually the rubbish stuff – the stuff you don’t want, the stuff that takes away your freedoms…

That is what happens when you leave things to chance…

And I know this and yet, why was I sitting with my coach and fellow coachee in a fancy London restaurant on Friday, having a discussion about the fact I was trying to avoid looking at my bank account and credit cards and all that money stuff.

I thought I had this money stuff faced down and dealt with so why had I retreated into fear & passive mode again?

And the truth is, I did not even see what I was doing until I said it out loud! And then I tried to fancify it by talking about fears from the past and going bankrupt and all that jazz when my lovely friend called me on my nonsense and told me to man up!

OK, I did!

And there was nothing scary in there…

There was no reason to avoid anything but if I let it carry on and I started to passively let things happen without my deliberately being aware of what money is coming in and what is going out then I will inevitably get myself into trouble… again!

And who wants that?

And yet, a lot of the time people live like they have no say in the happenings of their life, they live like life does just happen…

And yes, a dissatisfying, unhappy life does just happen but we want more, right?

We want to be all we can be, right?

We want to wake up to our true potential, right?

We want loving relationships, right? Then we had better get to creating it.

We want to create wealth, right? Then, again we had better get to creating it.

We want to create wealth doing what we like, rather than staying stuck doing what we no longer like, right? Be a creator

Nothing just happens but everything can happen once you start to deliberately create it.

You are invited to come work with me in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE ASSEMBLY to get very deliberate about the design and creation of your life.

Let’s clear the blocks within you to peace and plenty.

Let’s power up your vision

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Much Amazing Love

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