Smart Money is on the one who starts believing the impossible

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Business Hero BootcampIt is so easy to deceive ourselves into thinking that somehow we are completely alone in having the life that we do.

We think we are the only ones who go through deaths, divorces, illness, car breakdowns, children’s naughtiness, extended family stuff, bankruptcy and so on…

We think we are alone in it all and so we start to lie to ourselves.

You know the lies I mean…

“No one can understand what I am having to deal with”

“It is alright for you, you are not living my life”

“Has this ever happened to you? No?, then you cannot understand how hard it is for me”

“I am not in the same position as they are. I cannot do what they do”

“They know all those people who helped them get where they want to go. I don’t know anyone so it is really hard for me”

“I am a mum first and foremost so it is easy for all those childless people to do what they want and ‘have it all’ but I cannot do that”

“I have all these debts and expenses. Of course, I cannot build a business until I am free of them”

And so on, and so on the excuses, which sound a lot like reality to the people quoting them, continue…

And all it does is keep you trapped in a life, a career, a business you no longer like.

There is always a way.

There is always a route of escape if you will choose to find it.

But will you?

Or will you keep telling yourself all the things you think you cannot do?

What if you decided instead to spend your time thinking about how you can make things happen?

What if you decided to stop over thinking everything and just plain decide to take action, whatever the surrounding drama?

What if you decided to stop looking for the signs in the stars about whether the universe is on your side this time?

What if you just saw the problems for what they are – small obstacles – and you kept charging forward, pedal to the metal?

What if you decided to focus only on the good things in your life, to choose to be grateful instead of allowing the bad stuff crowd it out?

Do you think you could have it all, if you did that?

And that is the problem, isn’t it?

When it comes down to it, you do not think it is possible to have it all.

You do not think it is possible to have the incredible wealth that allows you to impact the world anyway you want…

You do not think it is possible to have wealth as well as relationships that empower you rather than demean you

You do not think it is possible to have the health that means you will live until 120 in full energy,

You do not think it is possible to have all the above AND to still have an intimate relationship with your higher power.

You think life is an ‘either- or’ experience.

And because you think it, that is always what you get.

You get some areas of life working and the others failing because that is all you believe is possible for you.

And all you see are people who get that half-life as well and so you keep affirming your own internal beliefs and only getting what you think you can have.

And that is a pity because we do live in an abundant world where you can be, do, have anything you want, if you want it enough.

If you want it more than you want your current dramas.

I know, you don’t think you want the drama and yet, they keep showing up and you think, something, someone is against you and you start to read into it that you are not on the right path.

You forget that you get to choose the right path.

You decide what you want and you get to have it if you will give your all to creating it.

For the longest time, I lived like this…

I allowed my extended family drama to affect me…

I allowed car breakdowns, arguments with the partner, issues on the job I hated to affect me. I passively allowed drama to get in the way of what I wanted to create with my life because deep inside, I did not believe I could have it all and even if I could have it all, I did not believe I was worth it all.

I believed that when good things happened to me, then it was only a matter of time before the bad stuff came and whacked me back into place. So, I started to focus in on all the bad stuff and you know what, there are days when I STILL do that.

I get caught up in the dramas that affect all of us if we allow them but we always, always get a choice about that and you can take this as your reminder.

What are the thoughts that continually work their way through your head?

If someone recorded your daily thoughts, how much of them would be negatively inclined and how many positive?

Would you be ashamed to say?

Is it time you got the focus back on what you want to create?

How much wealth you want to create and how you are going to do it, come hell or high water? Why don’t you design a life you actually want instead of staying stuck in one you don’t?

If you spent the same amount of time on creating a life and business you adore as you do on thinking about the one you don’t like, could you find yourself propelled to new heights?

Let me answer that one for you…

YES, you would!

If you paid as much attention to what you want as you do to what you do not want, you are so powerful that you would actually create it because that is what you are doing right now anyway.

You are currently creating your life right now as it is so just change tactics.

Think more of what you want.

Act more proactively towards what you want instead of always defensively trying to prevent what you don’t want.

And believe in you.

Believe in the power within you to WIN in all areas of life.

Believe in your strength to withstand adversity and still rise above.

Believe in your purpose, your calling and stop allowing small things to distract you and remember they are all small things.

You are incredibly powerful – INCREDIBLY!

Believe and win.

Start NOW.


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