Let the slowpokes do their thing – You own your greatness


Do you sometimes wake up angry?

Angry with yourself, angry with the world, angry that you are not yet at your rainbow’s end, angry and fed up?

I do!

I forget for a second that actually I am where I set out to be this time last year but I have now gone and moved the goal post… AGAIN 😀

And yes, it can be an exhausting way to live.

And yet, I refuse to live any other way.  Are you done with trying to, yet?

And while I am in this crazy mood, my silly computer starts to give me jip and crash and burn as though reflecting the craziness going on in my head and I get more incensed by the slow pace of everything around me.

And in that moment, I realize what I do.

I live to push, to shove, to act first and think later, to challenge the status quo – I am just that kind of a person and sometimes I have these high, amazing successes – Other times, I crash, burn and have some incredible lows and yet, I pick myself up and keep moving forward.


Because I cannot settle for a life less amazing than this.

Some people try to settle me down, they tell me to stop, to slow down, to smell the roses and frankly, I look at their life and I am unimpressed so I smile and I just move on.

I do smell the roses, just not the way slowpokes think I should.

I am here on this planet to have an experience of life – a powerful experience of life and yet people keep trying to get me to fit into their crazy little boxes and I am done with that already.

I am done with trying to fit myself into a seriously small box!

IN fact – just AAARGH!

It sometimes feels painful to me – So much energy bursting to get out into a world that wants to move at snail’s pace – It is sooooo tiresome.

And oh so boring!

I want to be locked in a room and write, read, create, speak, inspire, put my work in front of the world and invite them to partake of it day in, day out.

I want to work with 334000 people each and every day (and yes, I have a specific number in mind!) see them wake up to their true potential.

Imagine the revolution!!!! How exciting!

I do not want to admit that I need a break sometimes. I want to be in my future yesterday and I get fed up of people trying to hold me back!

I know they mean well and frankly, at times, I do need that check but mostly, I need to accept the person I am and just be!

Just allow myself to be!

To run with the waves when they arrive and to slow down when nothing is happening.

I do not have to suit anyone and neither do you!

Just because it is all the rage at the moment to talk about mindfulness does not mean that you have to agree to a definition of mindfulness that does not suit you. You can choose to create your own version of mindfulness where you produce like a machine because you mindfully CAN.

Let all those slowpokes go about their day looking for peace and tranquility because they have chosen to live a life that others have defined while YOU, my warrior YOU, choose to create a life you actually enjoy and find mindfulness in what seems to be the chaos to everyone else.

You are created for so much more than this and you know it! You have gone through some crazy stuff and you are still standing and now you think you brought it on yourself because of your inherent nature.

So you try to be something you are not. You try to slow down and you just feel empty inside and you cannot move fast enough to bring about change in your life so that you can start to impact the world.

Yes, this way of living does lend itself to high highs and very low lows and yet, you make things happen like others just cannot and will not.

Own the person you are…

Accept the highs and the lows…

Don’t let either define you…

Keep tapping into the person you are and keep letting that person out regardless of popular thinking.


Ready steady GO!

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