Slight Edge

It has been an amazing week, full of ups and downs – Will I get the mortgage, will I not get the mortgage?  Will the vendor agree to the price I offered?  Will they not?  Sometimes, I have been in the depths of despair and other times flying high like a kite.  Now this is not becoming behaviour for a lady and I am working on staying emotionless whatever happens when it comes to investing.  But hey, I am still working on it.

Thankfully, I have learnt the art of thinking for alternative solutions whatever anyone or anything flings in my direction.  I am determined to move forward regardless of the stuff happening around me.

A book had been recently suggested to me by the husband of my husband’s colleague and it is called ‘[amazon_link id=”193594486X” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Slight Edge[/amazon_link]’ by a guy called Jeff Olson.  OK, I have not actually been reading it, I have been listening to it – It is now my gym listen or my car listen.  I am suitably impressed with the premise of it.  It in some way addresses the question – why do a lot of people read all books and attend self-help conferences, even churches and other religious establishments hoping to improve their lives in some way, only to be exactly the same a few days later and considerably worse in a few years?

Is it possible that we expect to take a giant leap in a matter of moments instead of just doing the very little thing we need to do, time and time again until we see the results?

At the start of something new, nothing seems to change.  I remember plodding along, juggling family, work, homeschooling and business and sometimes getting very overwhelmed by it all. However, by just continually staying focused on the things I needed to do and not giving into the hysteria, I can already see the difference in me from last year.  By doing something simple like making a list of things I need to do, I am able to manage my time better.

I came across this quote and it seemed to link in together quite nicely.

You cannot plough a field by
turning it over in your mind.

Author Unknown

Sometimes, we try to figure everything out in our heads before we take the plunge but some things you can only figure out when you are committed to an action.  We can talk and talk about what we will do but until we actually get stuck in and do it, nothing changes. The fear of doing something is usually worse than actually getting on and doing it.  ‘The Slight edge’ tells a story about how a penny can turn into a few million after a period of just 30 days, just by doubling it every day (the power of compound interest).  But for it to turn into a million, you had to start with a penny.  All the thoughts in the world were certainly not going to become a million.

Most of the time, all the big results are a result of taking one little seemingly insignificant action over and over again.  In real life, taking the right actions are not accompanied by uplifting music, swelling applause, or any kind of acknowledgement.  It all seems pretty mundane and the temptation is always to quit, particularly when it is an action that stretches us out of our comfort zone.

The thing is, it is easy to do and easy NOT to do.

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