Sleep, glorious sleep!

Good morning!

Starting a business is pretty time-consuming as most of my research has to be done after the children are in bed.  Usually I do not get to sleep until around 3am and then being a mother, I generally have to wake up at least once before morning to feed the baby.  So I usually get on average 4 hours sleep a night.  Last night, however I went to bed and went to sleep before midnight so today I feel great!!!!  Creativity is flowing out of me like the rain flowing from clouds after days of high humidity and sunlight.  I am filled with optimism and hope.  The world looks brighter indeed or maybe it is the appearance of the sun today unlike yesterday.

Anyway, Hope you all had a great night and hope the weekend is amazing and restful too.  Just a little bit of work to do today and tomorrow and then I have promised tloml to take a break and enjoy the bank holiday with the family.


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