The Six Things to Consider when You Set Up Your Own Business

By October 31, 2013March 25th, 2015Business, Entrepreneur

So you are considering it, are you?

You want to set up your own business, do you?

Well, Good For You!  It is a great time to set up your own business and frankly, I do not understand why more people do not do it, particularly if you are a parent and want a little bit of flexibility around your kids.

set up your own business

Ok, let me get right into it.  Now I want to tell you something I wish I had known when I dabbled and dabbled at this and that back in the day.  Unlike you, it took me a long time to figure out what I really needed to be doing to ensure that the business I started was a success.

You get this information for free without searching too deep or wide for it.  Here we go!

Sometime over the last few months, I read a book called [amazon_link id=”1591845572″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Personal MBA[/amazon_link] by a bloke called Josh Kaufman. A powerful book indeed!  Get yourself a copy – It is certainly great.

At the start of the book, it breaks down successful business into its simplest form.

  1. Business creates and delivers something of value

  2. To people who want or need it

  3. It is delivered at a price that people are willing to pay

  4. In a way that satisfies their wants and expectations

  5. At a price that more than covers the cost of delivering and creating the product.

    Simple, isn’t it?  You can do it, Yes?

    Wherever you supply your product or service, online or offline or a weird blend of both, your business must agree with the 5 elements above and most importantly, you must be able to do this repeatedly which is where my sixth thing comes in.

  6. The business owner must be able to do the above 5 elements without fail and find a way to enjoy doing it.

The easiest route to find a way to enjoy doing it is to set up your own business creating or providing a product you personally are in love with.  Then, during the tough times of making all the five elements above work, you have a reason to keep pushing forward beyond just money.

Because money alone will not keep you going.  There must be something else attached to it.  For a lot of my clients, it is the lifestyle that a business can provide.  For me, it was the ability to look after and home educate my children while still generating an income.

What is your reason?  What is making you consider starting a business?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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