Six Simple Steps To A Whole New Life

6 steps to a whole new life

A lot of people claim not to know what they want out of life.

So they remain in a job they no longer want, even though there are other jobs. Even though they could start their own business…

They keep waiting on permission to wake up and live.

But while you wait for others to come, honey…

OTHERS too are waiting for someone to come tell them what to do, tell them the best way to live life, tell them what their life is supposed to be about.

And yet, the answers lie within each one of us.

The answers are already present.

The answers have always been present.

But we have kept looking for someone or something to tell us

The answers are usually the very thing you keep trying to run from.

Because to actually live that out seems too hard so you retreat time and time again to a comfortable place.

The comfortable but unsatisfactory job…

The comfortable but unsatisfactory relationships…

The comfortable but unsatisfactory spirituality where God is some distant person you beg and plead with but who never seems to give you what you want…

You keep looking for absolute certainty!

You want to be sooooo certain that if you do anything, then everything will work out so you wait and you wait and you wait.

You keep watching others living their lives instead of jumping in the fray.

And life keeps leaving you behind and you wonder if you will ever have time to catch up on all the things you dream of doing.

And still you do not jump into the fray.

What a waste of YOU!

What a waste of time!

The best way to figure anything out is just to begin.

To cast your fears and doubts aside – Yes, you will feel them. –Begin anyway.

Put your hand to the wheel of your life and stop waiting for someone else to drive you. Stop waiting for everything to be perfect before you move.

Move now!

Jump in with both feet and I promise you that you will find a way out.

What is the first thing you can think of to do?

Do that and see if it works or not.

If it works, do it again.

If it does not work, stop doing it.

Simple as…

Your life can be a series of such simple experiments until you reach where you want to go. At the start, the end may seem blurry but you just know that where you are right now, is not where you always want to be, so just begin to move away from it.

Do the simple experiments – Do not be trapped in thinking there is a way life has to be in order for it to be successful.

You get to create your own life experience. You get to create your own success.

We have spent soooo long being told exactly what we must think, what we must do, so in the words of Taylor Swift…


Shake it off and discover your own path.

No, you do not have to quit your job and go live in a desert somewhere unless of course, that is what you want…

You can just start with this simple experiment as detailed above and reiterated now.

  1. Do the first thing you think of.
  2. Do not let yourself think your way out of it – Too many people think themselves out of great ideas
  3. Does it feel good? Did you get the result you wanted?
  4. Yes? Do it again
  5. No? Do something different
  6. Start the cycle again

Yes, it would be nice to have a huge payday immediately and it is possible that the very first thing you try will make you a lot of money but let that not be your only measure of what is good or not good.

When I ask you to ask yourself – Does it feel good? – I mean – Does it FEEL good!

Because you know what it is like to be making money in a job or activity that drains your soul so financial wealth cannot be the only measure or else you go back to doing something soul-destroying.

That is an example of a life half lived – When money is the only factor.

Instead, consider fulfillment.

And also, YES, figure out how to make it pay you – It is OKAY to do that.

Imagine a life where you only do things because you want to…

You can create that!

You just have to begin.

So… Why not today?

And if you are determined to move away from a life where you are bored and dissatisfied and you are willing to actually begin… then join us in the DM fast track program for people determined to live life deliberately & get paid using their own strengths to make a difference in their world and that of people around them.


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