Use This FREE, Easy And Simple Model To Create Wealth In Your Own Network Marketing, Information Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce And Coaching Business

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A Simple Model For Creating Wealth In Your Own Network Marketing, Information Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce, Coaching Business

Do you get caught up in the technical detail of running or even starting your own business?

And does it all overwhelm you?

Remember this, when it comes down to it, if you are not serving anyone then you will not be making any money.

It literally is that simple so all the glorious websites in the world, all the wonderful landing pages, all the fancy lead magnets will not solve that particular issue.

If you want to be a successful, wealth-creating entrepreneur then you have to serve people.

Here is a simple model for creating wealth in your own business.

Don’t get bogged down in detail, make some money and then get someone else to make it all look better, OK?

This post is particularly focused at the following people and just in case the writing below is not as clear as I think it is. I have put together videos for you as well.

Watch and read and take action.

    • People who want to build their network marketing business and are somewhat petrified of the whole warm and cold list thing and want to generate their own leads while retailing products too.

    • People who would rather use their ability to write and speak (rather than paying out lots for advertising) to make money selling a product – their own or someone else’s –People in eCommerce or Affiliate Marketing or eBooks

  • People who have some knowledge that others will pay for (Please read on because if you are like most people, you don’t think you know anything!) but the chances are that you do and also that you can coach someone else to get a result.

  • Coaches/Consultants who want to obtain more strategy sessions and prospects.


OK, let’s get started.

1. Expertise – Decide what you want to sell

You, your experiences or something else that you are interested in.

There is something that you are good at. You have experiences that others have not had, you have information that others do not have and so you have something that other people are likely to pay for if you choose to put yourself out in the world.

You may not be the expert yet but with a little focus on your strengths, you will be surprised at what you can do to help others.

It may be as simple as raising children, finding a job in a recession, starting a business and sticking at it until you succeed. Right now, write down a list of all the things and experiences that you have had or overcome. And pick something that you want to help people with.

Keep it that simple. You have strengths and you can use them to help someone.

Maybe it is a product that you want to make – You love creating soap or dresses, music, books or knitting – It is possible to use this model for your thing. As we go through this, I will tell you where your thing may be slightly different.


2. Get these 5 things (4 If You Are Solely eCommerce – Watch the video)

Email autoresponder service…

For instance, Aweber, Get Response, Mail chimp, InfusionSoft. Explore them and decide which one you want to use. I use Aweber – It is pretty easy to get your head around it. This is to help you build a list and stay in touch with your people.

A way to take a payment…

Either get a merchant account from your bank or very simply, open an account with paypal and upgrade to the free business account

A website or landing page…

For services like coaching or business opportunities in a network marketing business – Build a very easy wordpress website.  All you need to do is get your domain name which can be your name, host it with a company like GoDaddy, and set up WordPress on it. Set up one page on the website which offers a free giveaway. Your prospects get it in return for their contact details. The details are loaded into the autoresponder.  The other option is leadpages, which now offers easy websites too (as of 2019)

If you are product based, then it may be best to use Shopify. There is a monthly fee attached to this but it means it all looks beautiful from the start. There is an abundance of information on their site to help you get set up – Keep it simple and either get someone to do it for you or just list your products yourself. Consider adding coaching to your product list as if you have created a product, there is a high chance that you know more about how it can help someone. You also stand out as an expert if you can also help people to use your product.

In network marketing, I would suggest that you just use WordPress and link to a site that your company provides unless you are focused on a few key items for retail. In which case, use shopify and list the few products you do want to retail. Check your company’s rules.

A Telephone or Skype package…

So you can speak to people about your expertise or business opportunity and help them get results quicker than they would alone.

And also for customer service if you are selling a product and do not want to offer coaching as well (I would not advertise this number if I were you or attach it to voicemail) – Ask customers to send you emails if there are any concerns.

Record Calls (Optional)

If you offer coaching or consulting, record the sessions – Skype Voice Recorder – They become training material to sell potentially depending on how private they are. You can start by offering to work with people for half the regular price if they agree to you using the sessions as training products.

3. Send people to your site

Share your expertise with your writing (blogging, guest posting, articles in publications your prospects read) and speaking (Ask event organisers if you can speak, Attend events and get to know people, as you write more about your expertise, you will start to get more opportunities, do your own events both online and offline).

Social media platforms are also a great place to start. This will get the attention of the people you want to support and some will visit your site and join your mailing list or buy a product.

If you do sell products, write, write, write about different aspects of your products, answer questions your people ask you about your products (these become blog posts), put them on your site as well as distribute them on social media and other people’s sites.

Do talks about your products – Plan your own events both online and offline – So many e-commerce business owners do not do this because other people do not. That is precisely why you must do it. Stand out from the crowd and do events all about the various aspects of your products or services.

OK, so that is all you need to get started.

So to reiterate,

  1. Decide what you want to sell…

  2. Set up a website (or simple landing page) and a way to collect people’s contact details.

  3. Send people to your website

  4. Stay in touch with those who are interested in your free giveaway and tell them what to do next – Buy a product on the site or get on the phone with you for a strategy session where you ask them what they want and put a price on it there and then to start and help them out. Or you do a business presentation and one out of three will join your business.


Do not complicate it until after you have made some money working with people or selling some products. Imagine you are a child and you did not know of all the technical craziness that ‘THEY’ say you HAVE to have in place if you are in business.

For instance, my princesses started a loom-band business recently and all they did was draw pictures on A4 sheets of paper with their mis-spelled call to action and they went along the road to deliver their home-made leaflets to doors up and down the street.

They actually made sales!

As adults we make it all so complicated and yes, as we grow our business, it possibly will not stay simple but start making a little money first before all the complications. And frankly, strive to keep it simple.

Of course, feel free to get in touch with me for more information on how to implement.

But please understand that you can make it complicated or you can keep it pretty simple.

I invite you to come work with me in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE to get support in bringing it all to life.

Find out all the detail at


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