What is the time limit that you place on your happiness, fulfilment, success?

If it does not show up in exactly the way you want it within 3 days, 3 months, 3 years, 30 years, at what point do you decide that you are just not worth the effort and expense of creating a life of peace, purpose and a 6 figure income?

At what point do you decide to just give up and live with unfulfilment, regret, sadness and failure?

Most people do not make this choice consciously.

They just passively give up and blame everything and everyone out there (including the Divine, though they pretend more with the Divine because most passive people fear some kind of eternal punishment and also they keep hoping that if they can just jump through enough hoops for the Divine then magical miracles will happen without any personal effort)

They tried EVERYTHING, don’t you know????

They used their HARD-EARNED CASH to pay scam artists for the magic bullet that never showed up…

They think their story is somehow worse than mine or anyone else that is living with success, fulfilment and happiness

Maybe you are the ‘THEY’ I talk about…

You read my posts, feel the intuitive nudge of the Divine within you to take some action but you hold back because you tried EVERYTHING and nothing ever works for you.



You did not try everything

What you did was listen to a few parts of a bootcamp and then get drawn back into the noise, nonsense and drama of your life and forget to do anything for a while, feel guilty about it, try to pick up where you left off, and STILL not complete it and then decide it must be ‘THEIR’ fault…

Or maybe you are one of the few more diligent ones, you listened to all of it and then the moment any of your shit came up to be dealt with, you realised that there was no magic bullet, you ACTUALLY HAD TO BUCKLE DOWN and SHIFT THE SHIT…


Not until you thought you had done enough

Not until you got fed up with facing your inner crazy

Not until you thought NO ONE should be expected to go through hard stuff like this.

NO, you kept shifting the shit, applying the principles you were taught UNTIL YOU BROKE THROUGH!

No matter how long it took

No matter how many freaking courses, bootcamps, books you had to read or purchase AND implement

When you felt the intuitive nudge, you trusted it and you also CHOSE TO DO THE DAILY WORK CONSISTENTLY

Most people do not even trust themselves to do the daily work and so they quit before they even begin.


Ultimately, you need to know this…

NO ONE is your saviour.

NO COURSE is your magic bullet.


My courses are not your magic


What I am is the Money Minister

My courses minister to you, teach you, empower you, get you back in touch with the wisdom within you, get you back in touch in a deeper way with the Divine

Getting on live calls with me and NOT JUST LURKING will help me to reveal to you where you are being held back and make the whole process more personal for you.

I even price my courses affordably and give you crazy amazing subscription plans so that ANYONE who is truly serious about transformation and creating a 6 figure income can access them

But I cannot do the work FOR you (well, unless you were paying me to consult on your business and we had agreed ahead of time that marketing would be done FOR you – However, the inner work that leads to permanent results is ON YOU, my love)

One day, I will tell my whole story

The years in the dark dark valleys of the wilderness when I simply refused to give up

The money I spent as I followed where I was nudged to go even when it seemed crazy

The times when I felt I was literally stealing money from my children’s mouths in order to feed my vision

I did not become the MONEY MINISTER because I quit when things did not look exactly the way I wanted them to.

There was a period of YEARS when it felt CRAZY to continue

And yet, I stayed consistent with the work, beyond what most people would consider to be reasonable

I spent more than what most people would consider reasonable to learn all that I know


So fuck off all of you looking for some easy path to EASE, FREEDOM, FULFILMENT, SUCCESS.

Yes, I said it – FUCK. OFF!

Go back to your sad, stagnant, disappointing, unfulfilled life and die there if you want to, while you try and blame everyone else for YOUR OWN LACK OF CONSISTENCY with the work.

Everyone wants the results, NO ONE WANTS THE JOURNEY to the results.

Everyone wants the breakthrough but no one wants to BREAK THE HECK THROUGH

And that is okay.

No one is forced to live life to their full potential

No one is forced to create a 6 figure income that is aligned to their purpose

I truly believe anyone can do it but no one will force you to do it

The Divine will love you whatever you do

Most people (INCLUDING SPIRITUAL PEOPLE WHO REALLY SHOULD KNOW BETTER) will die failures, hoping for a better next life…

But that does not have to be you

But if you think that years of living a false, painful, off-path life shrouded in noise, nonsense and drama is just gonna disappear without some DELIBERATE CONSISTENT EFFORT from you then just admit that you are a failure now and just keep on existing in your sadness until your final day.


Read yesterday’s post again and realise that TRUST leads the way.

TRUST despite having EVERY REASON not to trust

TRUST & FAITH are necessary elements of this FAITH walk

If you knew enough to be at a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life, you would already be there so yes, some learning is required.

And a heckuva lot of IMPLEMENTATION of what you learn is needed

You keep going UNTIL IT TAKES.

Stop with the whining about how much money you have spent on teachings and instead, either go back over what you have purchased and ACTUALLY DO THE WORK until it works

Or come onto the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE PATH TO PEACE AND PLENTY where you will have plenty of opportunities not just to invest in transformational courses but you can also work closely with me as I do the weekly EMPOWER EXPERIENCE to give you personal coaching without the steep price tag that usually comes with working personally with a coach.

My heart is FOR your success but I will not do the work for you and I will not give my work away for free – to do that will limit your ability to progress and I care too much about you to do that.


Take this as the first 3 months of your 12 month transformational journey to peace. purpose and a 6 figure income that is aligned to your life’s purpose

Immerse yourself in the program

Do the Deliberate Millionaire Daily Ritual DAILY!

Get on the live EMPOWER EXPERIENCES with me each weekend

Ask for support

Allow me to intuitively see where your blocks are and deliver a personal prosperity prescription to you

And feel yourself return home to your true design self and your true design life – Freedom, Fulfilment, Financial Abundance and Unconditional Love


This program more than any course I have created details the inner journey I have had to go through and how I navigated the pitfalls that lead to self-doubt and low-level sadness and a life NOT lived.

the Daily Ritual alone will change your life, if applied DAILY for a period of time

The 3 week manifestation mastery course – RETURN HOME TO PEACE & PLENTY contains such practical and in-depth wisdom teaching you how to create your life from within

Yes, this program is the start of something amazing, IF YOU WORK THE PROGRAM.

So, if you are done with whining and ready to trust yourself and the Divine for guiding you here to this post, I suggest you go join in NOW at https://mibusiness.lpages.co/unshakeable/

I look forward to speaking with you on the next EMPOWER EXPERIENCE

Much Amazing Love

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