There are 3 things you need to do…

Ok, maybe 5…

✅ Connect To Source & power up your vision

✅ Communicate with your audience

✅ Capture more people into your audience

✅ Close them by offering something for sale

✅ Consistently, Relentlessly, Endlessly

I count consistency as a thing to do because too many do things for a little period of time and think they should be millionaires already.

Well, sorry, that just ain’t gonna happen.

You spent all of 20 plus years being conditioned into thinking that getting a job and being told what to do and when to do it, was the only way to live life and now you think that because you started your business last week, you should already be making millions.

Give me a second while I laugh out loud at you… in love, of course – Always in love!

But seriously, the whining, the moaning, the wondering why it seems so hard for you, has just gotta stop.

The procrastinating

The starting and the stopping

the dilly-dallying has JUST GOTTA STOP!

Do yo not see that you are making it take longer?

Do you not see that you are causing yourself a whole lot of pain by focusing on the nonsense instead of just building out the vision one step at a time?

If it is not here yet, then you have not done enough yet to make it come so you just keep doing the next thing

The emotional tension and pain is a choice, you know?!

And I get it…

It is painful.

It stretches you beyond anything you have ever done before and because of said conditioning, you did not realise just what it would take to make your business work.

But well, now you know…

Are you gonna keep whining about it or are you going to stay the course, until it works?

When they told you that 80% of people fail at this, you thought you would very easily be the exception, right?!

Well we all thought that and then we start to feel the pressure that no one can explain to you until you are right in the throes of it and then, you get a choice…

Will you whine, complain and tell yourself some story of how it is harder for you than for anyone else?

Or will you go through this trial by fire and keep your eyes on the goal, refusing to look to the left or the right, until you win?

I have seen so many drop off by the wayside.

People I thought would ABSOLUTELY go the distance…

It hurts to watch them but hey ho, I cannot own their vision more than they do.

I hope it will not be you

Honey, shut up with the whining and do the fucking work.

The work ALWAYS works.

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Much Amazing Love


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