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What is going on with me?  I know that I want a fulfilling life and business where I am serving others, making a lot of money, doing exactly what I like to do when I like to do it and yet…

Yet, some mornings when I wake up, I have to deliberately get my head in gear to show up.

What do I mean when I say ‘Show Up’?

To me, showing up means deliberately looking at what is working, what is not working in business and doing the work to rectify the bad things and deliberately choosing to do the good things.

Showing up means knowing what you must do each day to keep your business moving forward and doing it regardless of how good or bad you feel.

Showing up means knowing what you must do each day to make your life work and doing it regardless again of how you feel.

Too many people run their life based on whether they feel inspired or not, whether people respond in the way they want or not, whether the results are obvious immediately or not and this is a very weak way to live life.

Because there WILL ABSOLUTELY BE days when you wonder why you do what you do and whether you should just hide away from everything and stop – You will feel that on some days, in fact you may even feel that on most days when you are trying to get something new off the ground.

And if you stay in this place of only doing what you feel like then you will never make the progress that you want to make and get the success you want to get.

You will stop, start, stop-start forever and ultimately, look back on life and wonder what you did with it.

I can only say this so bluntly because that used to be me and frankly, I do look back with regret at all the time I wasted faffing around, talking up a good game but getting absolutely nothing done.

If I had started then, I would be making the £4 million a year I am determined to make.  I would be impacting the lives of millions already but instead, I was navel gazing, pretending to be less than who I am, dampening down my inner drive because I thought I was a follower instead of a leader, because I allowed people tell me that a woman is supposed to be seen and not heard.

Because I allowed myself to think that being a mum meant I had to give everything up except looking after my kids…

Because I forgot that money is replaceable whereas time, once misused is gone forever…

Those were frustrating times and now I regret them.

Yes, I know I had to walk that path in order to get to here but I could have turned it all around at any moment.

Yes, I know that everything works together for good in the end but still, I could have just shown up everyday ready to do something, anything to take me and my dreams forward…


And you know what, looking from the outside in, you may have thought that I had it altogether.  I was a pharmacist, 2 cars, nice enough house and all the trappings but really, I was in debt, stressed, a people pleaser and feeling pretty darned dissatisfied.

And I thought that was all life had to offer.

How wrong I was.

And how wrong you are if you are settling for less than you feel you are capable of.

Listen, enough believing that because life is tough today, you are not able to show up…

Enough allowing yourself to believe your own excuses about why you cannot show up and take some action…

Enough procrastinating…

Enough having itchy ears and only listening to what you want to hear that gives you permission not to show up today…

Enough allowing your emotions & feelings to rule always…

Show up!

Show up today!

Take a good long hard look at what you want to create and get to work… TODAY… NOW!!!

BE the leader you know that you are.

Go on, Show Up!

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