Should I write more content?

Write more contentYes, the answer will always be yes.

You may not like the answer because it feels like a whole lot of writing but it really is the best thing to do to get more eyeballs on your business.

Here are a few ideas to consider

1. Don’t just write on your own web properties

When you just get started with building your business, whether it is a product, service or business opportunity, you do not have much of an audience to start with unless you have listened to me and started building an audience even before you had anything to sell.

So, as you do not have much of an audience, you have to get in front of other people and the best way to do it is to approach popular sites in your industry and ask if you can write for them.

To start, I would suggest you write more for other people than you do for yourself just to get attention on things when you do write. There are so many sites out there that may be willing to take your stuff on. You do have to persist in asking.

2. Use Social media

Make sure you are on at least 2 social media platforms so that you can share whatever you write on there. We live in a very connected world so use social media to reach as many people as possible. Again, start now to build an audience so that there are people who want to read what you have to say when you have something to say. It is disheartening to write your heart out and get nothing but tumbleweed but unfortunately that is where everyone begins.

A few days ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced that they had had 1 billion views on Facebook in one day! ONE DAY! That is a lot of people – Learn how to use social media to your full advantage.

3. Write frequently

And when I say frequently, I mean daily – Maybe even more than once a day. This here is my 4th post today and I feel tired but fulfilled and productive because I know that the more I write, the more people’s lives I can impact. The other thing I know is that I am more capable than I sometimes think.

You may have read my statement about 4 articles today and felt that that is all too much for you but as I wrote in the chapter of my persistence book, you are never doing as much as you are able. You do think you are, I know, but you have to stretch beyond your comfort zone if you are really determined to live life well.

So, get into the habit of doing a daily blog post, updating your social media daily and generally being everywhere doing something amazing. And watch and see how quickly, you start to get people interested in you.

4. Don’t give up too easily

As I already said, when you start creating content, it may seem like no one is listening and there will be days when you want to quit. DON’T!

I have done that whole stop-starting thing before and it just makes it so much more frustrating. Don’t do it. Commit to writing and make it a habit that you just do every single day.

5. Write out headlines the night before

I can be so erratic with doing this but when I do it consistently, it takes the thinking out of it first thing in the morning when I do most of my writing. I see the headline and I just start writing or doing the research necessary to put something together.

When you leave picking the titles until just before you write, you find that you spend far too long dithering about what to write and more often than not, you will not do the writing so again, make it a habit. Write out headlines the night before and then in the morning, don’t think, just write.

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