Should I get help?Sitting here in the hospital trying not to feel like I am wasting time. One of my princesses has hurt her neck in a trampoline accident.

As I am sure some of you parents know, it is pretty hard sometimes being a mum and being a business woman as it is always a juggling act between what I want to create and what is happening in life all around me.

And it does feel a little like the universe is testing my resolve today because I started a new regime recently…

I decided to step up and though, I am not completely sure I have the finance to afford this, I decided to put in someone to do schooling with my girls and also look after them while I committed to having more concentrated time to create content and programs for sale and also to go to the gym and get healthy. (Everything affects everything – If my body is not healthy, then I certainly do not have the brain power required to build my business!)

If you are in business, you know there is always a chicken and egg situation with getting some assistance.


Should you wait to make more money before you get someone in…


Should you get someone in and do whatever it takes to make the money to pay them?

A lot of my clients face this issue and well, so was I.

I know the hardship of figuring out what the best option is, especially as you have responsibilities, right?

And really, deep down inside, there is a little fear that you just will not be able to make the money you want to make and then you would have wasted so much money paying for help that you could really not afford and then… you could go bankrupt or something…

Oh yes, I did that already and I am still alive.

Is there debtor’s prison these days? 😀

Nope, that went away ages ago.

So really the worst is actually bankruptcy and it is bad and depressing, but not as bad as we sometimes think…

And yet, despite the fact that most successful entrepreneurs have faced this and survived, we get afraid that we will not make the money we intend to make and then we will get into a mess and so, we put our business growth on hold for ages as we dither and hope that somehow, doing the same thing over and over again will somehow, give us different results.

Needless to say, it does not.

And I fell into this trap for a very long time as well – I knew I needed concentrated time to progress my business but I kept dithering about it. Waiting and waiting for that perfect moment when all of a sudden, things would work while I kept having the same amount of time, doing the same things that were good but not enough to accelerate the growth of my business.

I kept waiting to feel ready to get in some help but finally, decided that I had to deliberately step into the life I am creating.

Finally, I decided to really start to own the life and the business I am creating even more than I had, until now – To refuse to let the fear stop me and just choose to do it and choose to make it work somehow.

The truth is, this is the way I do everything – When I started in property, I had to pay out about £10000 for a course even though I did not have a handy £10000 in pocket – Oh no!

I did it because I was truly committed to getting the money back by hook or by crook.


When I do things like this, people do tend to think I am crazy but you know what? I own that craziness because it is usually a sign that I am ready for the next level in business and in life.

Does that make my life easy?

Of course not!

Life can still be scary but I choose to move despite that fear. What of you?

Will you move despite fear or will you keep doing what you have always done and keep getting what you have always got?

Will you choose to live an uncommon life so you can actually get uncommon results? Of course, most people will not understand. Most people do not get what they want out of life or their business.

Come with me on this journey to freedom!

You ready?

Should I get help in my business?And by the way… If you are a determined person who knows that you are not living to your full potential – Life is not too bad but the joy, the excitement is gone because you are doing things you do not really want to do to keep things ticking along nicely-ish. You are comfortable but vaguely unhappy…

And you know you have strengths that you are not using to their full potential, then join me in the Deliberate Millionaire where you can get clear on what you want and how you can make it happen. Find out more here –

And in case you were wondering, my princess did return to normal health after 3 hours in hospital waiting on an X ray that told us all was well.

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