There is a part of me that is waiting to be saved…

I think I have slayed it and then, I see it peeping from behind the bushes again, as I catch myself thinking thoughts of

“Why me?”

“Why do I always have to try harder?”

“Why can they not just do what I want them to do?”

“Why did that have to break down and now I have to take time to sort it out?”

“Why did my dad have to have that accident?”

“Oh please, Papa, please, Papa, PLEASE!!!!”…

And then I catch myself waiting for some kind of demonstration from the heavens as the saviour comes to save me from every thing I do not like…

I prayed, did I not?

“So, come on your flying chariot, come and save the day yesterday!!!!!!!  PLEASE!!!!!!”

OK, so these days, I catch these thoughts so much quicker than I used to.

And I shift more quickly into gratitude and remembering my own internal power and the part I PLAY in this…

I used to feel entitled to have these thoughts

Maybe you still do.

Some well-meaning person taught you at some point in your youth and childhood that if you just beg and plead hard enough with the heavens then the Divine will come and save you and if He does not come save you then it must not be the will of the Divine…

Some well-meaning person told you that fighting for the life you desire was not all that spiritual so just wait on the saviour to come save you and live in a peaceful acceptance of any old circumstance…

Some well-meaning parent even may have told you to tone down your dreams as they did not want you to be disappointed like they were with their life…

Some well-meaning person may have taught you that people like you, do not always get looked after well by the government or by other people and so, you need to manage your expectations from life or go into battle with OTHER PEOPLE to get yours…

All of that makes you a victim of something or someone OUT THERE…

And guess what, no matter how aggressive you get about your ‘rights’, VICTIMS NEVER WIN!

And no matter how long you stay on your knees begging and pleading with some something in the heavens to come save you, VICTIMS NEVER WIN!

And why?

Because whether you realise it or not…

Whether you feel it or not…


And when you go around the place, moaning, groaning, complaining, feeling all victimised by life, then you are giving off the air that you simply want to create more of what you are experiencing.  After all, you are so enamoured by it.

And what you focus on, WILL ABSOLUTELY INCREASE

Because you are THAT powerful!

You, my honey, are created in the image and likeness of the Divine…

Like Jesus was recorded to say, you could ALSO say “I am one with the Divine”

And guess what responsibilities that comes with…


And so, if you go around decreeing that things are hard for you and life is tough and spiritual people should just roll over and accept the whipping that life sends them then guess what you get?!


And guess what, it ain’t the Divine or the world or other people doing it TO you…


ATTRACTING IT with the cray-cray victim energy you put out there in the world…

Do you begin to see why it is so imperative that you shake this addiction to self-pity?!

Do you see why I get angry with myself for putting up with the wimpy side of me?

We are co-creators of this life…

We have our part to play and part of it is to raise our awareness of who we really are…

It is to DECIDE what we now choose to create and refuse to allow our mind to go anywhere else

It is to GET THE HEALING and CLEARING we need when we need it so that our minds stay on course

It is to live as the powerful beings we are

DELIBERATELY tapping into that intuitive side of us that is completely connected to the Divine…

Getting the wisdom from there and ACTING on it

It is staying in awareness that everything is working out for our good and refusing to be those that whine and moan…

We go into battle with any part of ourselves that seeks to remain wimpy and we say, you gotta go!  WE HAVE DECIDED HOW LIFE IS TO BE NOW and we will not be shaken.

This is the Deliberate Life

Yep, I know it sounds tough but really, it is not. All you need is consistency and let’s be honest, your current experience of life is not all that awesome!!!

AND the rewards for this shift are OH. SO. WORTH. IT!

Will you wake up and be the spiritual champion you are born to be?

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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