You Shall Know The Truth And The Truth Shall Make You Free

You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free

Are you wondering why you do not have everything you want yet?

Are you wondering why your business never seems to be what you want it to be?

You feel like you take one step forward and then…

20 million back!

It always feels like you are starting again from scratch and even the progress you make is like pulling teeth.

It happens so slowly, it happens so feebly; you wonder if you will ever actually make it to your finish line.

Truth be told, a part of you does not think you ever will and you kinda have resigned yourself to that but…

On the face of it, you wake up each morning, groan and get on and do the same old routine, just waiting and longing for the evening or the weekend so you can take a well deserved break!

Beneath all that though is a feeling that you are chasing your tail and you are not really accomplishing anything except keeping your head barely above water.

Is that enough?

Is that all you want?

A few days ago, I was in a session with a client and she had been living like this. Her whole life had been spent in lack. She went from one bad situation to another bad situation and felt she must always be thankful to the other person for being, what I considered, nasty to her.

She would give anything for the next person but expected not much for herself. However, something inside of her had woken up to the fact that there had to be more than living from hand to mouth each day, each month, each year and so she had chosen to work with me.

She wants to find, finally, some kind of financial independence like a lot of people do.

However, as we worked together, it became more and more clear to me that she was working under a falsehood.

And this is the thing, when you are working under a false belief that you consider to be absolutely true, you have NO CHANCE of ever getting where you want to go!

Well, you may get there but it will be a long convoluted road and the chances are you will run out of time before you get there.

For instance, if you live in the West Midlands of the UK and you want to go to Scotland. And you believe that Scotland is south.

The truth is that Scotland is about 5 hours north of the West Midlands. So, no matter how convinced you are that you are going in the right direction, you are still wrong!

Kudos to you for taking action but it will take you considerably longer than 5 hours to get to Scotland if you keep gong south!

And this is the problem when you have false beliefs that you have decided are the truth – You may take a whole lot of action but it will just take you further away from your goal because you are headed away from your destination.

You can be completely sincere in your beliefs but you may be very sincerely wrong!

What kind of beliefs do I mean?

− It is normal for people to do things they do not like in order to keep paying the bills…

− My parents brought me into the world so I must be forever thankful and lay down my whole life to make them happy even if it means, I am less than who I am.

− My husband is the boss of me and I must obey his every command

− I cannot ask for what I need – I must just settle for what I am given and expect nothing else

− I am too old to change the things that I am doing

− I can’t afford to do this or that

− My mortgage will not get paid if I tried to do what I actually wanted to do.

− No one will like me if I show up as myself

− I have to give and give and give of myself because that is the only way I will be loved.

− In order for me to have more, someone else has to have less…

− If I get better at doing business, my friends will think I am getting above myself and I will be alone.

− My partner will feel threatened and leave me

And all that sort of stuff that keeps playing in the background of your mind. It may be noticed, it may be unnoticed but one thing you can be sure of – it affects the actions you do or do not take.

And therefore the results, you do or do not get!

Friend, the truth will set you free.

You have to figure out the truth about your situation. You have to work from the truth of who you are!

Or else, you will be chasing your tail forever and a day!

On the 29th, I am starting a 30 day (6 week) exploration of your beliefs surrounding money and how to master wealth creation.

Knowing the truth about why you are broke, why you struggle and what you can do about it will put you on the right path so that the flow of wealth is towards you rather than away from you.

Yes, you do have to confirm you are serious by popping over to paypal and setting things up with a credit card or your paypal account but you will not be charged anything for the first 6 weeks of our work together and then if you want to stay on the Wealthy Warrior Alliance, you can.

Join me on Master Your Money – The Foolproof way to put cold hard cash into your bank account, grow your business and create wealth that lasts even if you never EVER seem to have enough at the moment!

Are you ready? Go over to and find out more and join in! It will never be free again – Accept this as my Christmas gift to you!

And if you have read this far… please share. Someone else could really do with this!

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