I remember being given a prophetic download ages and ages ago by a spiritual friend of mine…

I cannot remember the exact words but it was something about never allowing myself to get stuck in the mud

Never allowing myself to get trapped in a rut

And I did ignore that download for a little while, as I tried to settle into life as an adult with ‘real’ responsibilities, people I wanted to support and a career I had to put up with as I thought it was the only way to create an income…

I did get stuck in a rut

It took bankruptcy and depression to shake me free

And I finally saw what I had tried to do

I had tried to be so reasonable and practical that I had forgotten my own true design

My own need to be excited each day as I did something that brought me to life

My own need to challenge myself and go way beyond what seems sensible and then come back with the flag of triumph as I conquered all against the odds.

OK, so I do have a crazy dramatic nature but I adore myself

I make fun out of any old thing when I am committed to it.

The thing I wonder, is…

“Are you stuck, honey?

Stuck in a rut of doing the same old, same old thing?”

I know you can read some of these things I write and somehow think that you are the ONLY ONE on the whole planet who it does not apply to.

That somehow YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE who cannot shake yourself free

That somehow YOUR LIFE IS HARDER than anyone else’s

And I suppose if you are convinced of it, then there ain’t nothing I can do for you

You will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS get what you believe and so nothing changes until you decide that maybe, you are limiting yourself by your belief that you are uniquely screwed!

The power we carry is a blessing if you decide to wield it for your good

And a curse, if you decide to wield it for your bad.

However, I choose to believe that you have decided to be done with that past version of you that is stuck

I choose to believe that you will not wait for some massive breakdown before you shake free…

I choose to believe that you can see that by taking simple steps forward everyday in the direction of what you actually want, you will get it.

You do not have to be as gungho as I

You can just commit to taking ONE step each day towards what you want


Anyone can take ONE STEP a day…

Of course, get as clear as you can about what you want – Allow it to change as you progress but for today, choose an aim that is not based on something negative like ‘get out of debt’ or ‘prevent the world from imploding’ – They sound like good things but would actually be better stated as “Make an abundant amount of money doing what I love”, “Teach 200 people over the next 2 years to treat our world with respect” – Those are vague goals, for sure, but you hopefully get the idea.  If you actually focused on those goals, you would achieve the original intention without all the negativity, do you see?

And then take ONE step towards it.

We are all created in the image and likeness of the Divine

We carry the power to bring to life whatever we focus on, whether it be negative stuff or positive stuff – The power is not finickity about what you seem to desire so YOU HAD BETTER BE!

Focus on what you want

Shake yourself free from doing the same old, same old thing that has not got you where you want to go yet

Ask for the next step


That is all.

YOU can do that.

You do not have to even completely believe that you will get to the goal you desire

Faith will be built as you make a start and keep taking the step

JUST SHAKE YOURSELF FREE OF THE RUT and move your awesome arse, my love!

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Much Love!

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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