“Learn this well: Unless you dramatically change your way of thinking and become teachable, and learn about heaven’s kingdom realm with the wide-eyed wonder of a child, you will never be able to enter in. Whoever continually humbles himself to become like this gentle child is the greatest one in heaven’s kingdom realm.”

From the Bible

Once upon a time, you were a child…

For most of us, there would have been a carefree period of time before people and events started to break into our awesome little bubble and we took on the cares of the world.

Do you remember the happier times?

Do you remember the feeling that you could do anything?

And even when negative stuff began to happen, there was a feeling that we could overcome and conquer and win…

However, fear began to grow as well…

And it started to overshadow the wide-eyed wonder…

We started to look outside of us for solutions to the fear…

We began obeying the ‘rules’ of how life worked

And we forgot our connection to Source

We forgot that we were created in the image and likeness of the Divine

We forgot that we were designed with the divine ability to create

And we bought into the illusion that what we could see was all there was

We felt alone

And life seemed to prove it

Though of course, we are spiritual people so we tried so hard to hold onto beliefs but they became static

Things we said but did not always see the evidence of and so, we became a little disillusioned

But we kept going through the motions

We needed to check all the boxes

Avoid hell

And there was also something inside that could not quite completely believe that what we could see was all there was…

It is not all there is.

We are divine beings

We are able to deliberately design life

We are loved

We are not alone

We can access that unlimited Source that we suspected was there, IF WE CHOOSE TO!

And here are 3 key things that shifted things for me


In order to cope with all the scary changes that seemed to assail us at every stop on this life journey, we chose to begin believing in static things.  Holy books were created that defined beliefs about Source…  The problem being that they were static and in some ways, separated us from a dynamic real relationship with Source who is dynamic.

It is like the Israelites talked about in the Bible who were too scared to approach the Divine themselves and so asked for rules and laws to follow so that they would be safe.

Holy books became static belief systems, interpreted by others for us…

Others that we considered more capable than we were…

Others who were going through their own nonsense but who interpreted things for us in a way that made us feel safe.

If we followed the rules as they told us, then we would be fine.

EXCEPT it was not true.

However I believed them for a long time and I dared not question anything.

Maybe you are still trapped in static beliefs based on a book.

A book that is interpreted differently for each new generation

What if you stopped looking for static certainty and dared to build dynamic real relationship with your Source of UNLIMITED SUPPLY?

What then?

What if you really truly began to believe that you were ACTUALLY loved?  Not just when you obeyed all the static rules but ALL THE TIME whatever you did?!

What then?

How much freer could you be?

For me, the freedom to question my static beliefs allowed me to begin to fully own my Divine nature…

To become the deliberate designer of my existence

No, I don’t control everything but I am intimately connected with SOURCE and so I need not fear that anything is going to happen that I am unable to handle.

I now choose to walk quickly away from anything that seeks to get me back under human control, no matter how well meaning they may seem!




For most people and I include my former self in this, the usual state of being is one of scarcity…

You think on all the things you do not have… A LOT!

Which ends up with you being in a state of continual begging and pleading with the heavens, or SOMEONE, ANYONE to come sort out your ‘problems’

But whether you like it or not, you are a powerful creator so whatever you focus on, GROWS EXPONENTIALLY

Focus on scarcity and all you see is scarcity and more scarcity, and then some more…yep, you guessed it… SCARCITY

And it begins to feel so real…

And you feel cut off from Source because well, you have been begging and pleading for so long and still no real response…

But hey, if you still have static beliefs, you are too scared to admit that you just do not feel as though this thing is working and so you keep up with all the platitudes and maybe even make a theology out of your lack and scarcity…

And tell yourself to wait for the next life where all your problems will then be solved…

Conveniently forgetting that the kingdom was promised NOW, not in some next life…

And let me be blunt, it matters not where you are, if you are currently reading this – YOU ARE ABUNDANT!

There are things in your life that are WORKING!

How about you become grateful for those?

How about you choose to look for more reasons to begin believing in your inherent abundance?

How about you repent (change your mind) and see only good?

What if the exact same thing happens – YOu focus on abundance and all you see is abundance and more abundance, and then some more…yep, you guessed it… ABUNDANCE

Because as I said, you are a powerful creator and whatever you focus on, grows… EXPONENTIALLY!

What if you just did it?

You are not happy thinking of all the things you lack so why not?

Even if I am deceiving you, you would be happier!!!!!

So why not?!


When I finally allowed myself to stop thinking just about all the things I lacked, I realised that I did have access to unlimited supply and I had been in my own way and also…

One reason why I could not let myself win that way was because I had allowed lack to determine what I did for work.

And there was no way that I wanted to prosper at doing something I actively disliked!

And so, I finally found the courage to switch to doing something I wanted to do.

And in some ways, I put the Divine to the test…

Would I be taken care of?

So far… YES!

And guess what?!  I Absolutely adore what I do for a living!

I would do it for free but I don’t have to!

Who knew?!

Well, we all did but we pretended to forget because we bought into the nonsense and maybe, you are still buying into it…

You do have a choice, honey…

You can deliberately design a life that feels awesome

And you can be completely connected to Source, knowing that your supply comes from there

I will not pretend that there were no dark days in the transition…

Or even that there are no days even now when I feel “OMG, What the heck are you doing?!!!!”

However, I would not return to my low-level depression pharmacist days for anything…

I trust that I am fully supported as I respond and live into the purpose and calling on my life.

This kind of lifestyle is not for everyone, I know…

But maybe… you?

Maybe you are done with pretending to be less than who you know you are born to be?


Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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