There is so much you desire to do with your life.

There are so many dreams within you.

And they are all possible.

But your whole life is controlled by your need to be loved and approved of by people who do not see you for who you are, by people who want you to fit into their expectations of you.

This is not something you admit but I would love to ask you to take a moment to really think about what you are currently doing and why…

Are you able to face yourself?


You always veer between rebelling against & submitting to the people in your life that demand you fit into their desires for you

You hardly ever stop to think about what YOU truly want.

It was a shock to me to discover a while ago that my whole life had been about trying to prove myself…


Forever wanting to be accepted.

Forever wanting to be enough for ‘them’

(Although how could ‘they’ accept me when I did not accept me?)

If you have the self-awareness, it might be a crazy shock to you as well.

You will see just how separated from yourself you have become because you are always looking out there for approval or you are rebelling and inviting disapproval.

And time just keeps ticking along with you wishing and hoping for more but never quite clarifying exactly what the ‘more’ is for you and therefore never doing anything to achieve it.

And the emptiness inside you gets more and more uncomfortable and you keep having to drown it out with more drama, more food, more distractions.

You are invited back home, honey.

Back home to yourself.

Back home to who you truly are.

You will feel more confident when you come back home

You will feel more loved when you allow yourself to be yourself

You will connect more deeply to the Divine and find your safety there so that you are not permanently contorting yourself to rebel or submit to people out there.

Surely, it is time.

I invite you to read my book – The Deliberate Millionaire’s CONFIDENCE Book at and immerse yourself in the rest of the Divine Confidence Collection, particularly the FREEDOM Book.

Come back home to yourself, my love

Set yourself free

Much Amazing Love


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