Let me start by reminding you that you do not need anyone soooooo much that you keep putting up with craziness on their part…

And you do not need a job soooooo much that you put up with just getting by or horrid work conditions…

You just do not!

You are complete

You and The Divine/Universe/ Source

You never have to demean yourself for anyone or anything

Whether it be clients

Prospective clients


Colleagues at work

Health care practitioners who you think contain all wisdom and knowledge about your health







Bank managers


You set the tone for every single relationship you are a part of…

Experiment with feeling fully supported and taken care of by the universe…

How would you act then?

What would be a definite ‘NO’?

What would be a ‘YES’?

No one person is the source of whatever it is you think you need, my love…

Yes, people may be a channel through which what you desire is brought to you

But it is Source that orchestrates all that

And all you need to do is stay open to it

And you cannot stay open if you are desperately attached to love or money or energy to come through one particular person or group of people that you are banking all your hope upon

Take back your power

And set some boundaries, my love!

Yes, to begin with, some people will not be overly impressed by your new lines but they will get used to it or prove themselves to be unworthy of you.

Believe enough in yourself to KNOW that some people are not worthy of you…


Do not try to keep people around you who need you to play small!  It seems silly when you read it but take careful account of who is in your life and how you feel when you are around them…

Is there already someone that comes to mind that needs you to play small to enable them to feel ok?

It is not love to enable that silliness, honey!

You do not have to feel demeaned by anyone

You never have to allow a behaviour to continue that makes you feel uncomfortable…

Dare to firmly ask for the behaviour to stop or take yourself out of that situation without delay

VALUE YOURSELF too much to put up with craziness

VALUE your energy too much to allow someone else to pull you down

TRUST that you are always fully supported by Source


And stick to them

And by the way, one of the reasons why you may put up with crazy relationships is that your wealth thermostat is set too low.  Your energy/vibration is attractive to situations and people who feel they can walk all over you…

You may think that it is you loving them…

But honey, how does it feel?

Or have you even convinced yourself that it is selfless for you to feel YUK all the time?  I seriously used to believe that, as well!

I finally realised that I did not come to this planet to struggle and be sad all the time

I realised it was not selfless for me to act like a martyr all the time

I realised that the Divine did not need my sacrifices – They were just fulfilling a sick need within myself to downplay me and I got tired of it and started to work on my wealth consciousness so that I would allow myself to receive my good more easily.

After all, I was working hard for it so why did I seem to keep getting in the way of actually receiving it?

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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