I live my life by a few mantras.  One of which is “The more people I serve, the more money I make”.  I tell my clients this because it can be so easy to get all caught up in the nitty-gritty of trying to pay bills and stave off debt that entrepreneurs and creatives can lose sight of the big picture which is to make a difference.

But there is an even deeper understanding to be had of this mantra and that is that the more money you allow yourself to make, then the more of a difference you can make on the planet.

Do you get that?


Or do you think that making money is just about you and whether you are being greedy or not?

As a spiritual person, we can sometimes forget that it is not enough to pray and affirm that the world will be good, for world hunger to end, for wars to cease, for corruption to disappear in high places, for child slavery to end, for people to stop being sold into sex slavery, for domestic abuse to end and so on…

It is simply not enough just to pray about it…

Pray, for sure but you cannot stop there…

You must create wealth that can support those who are on the front line dealing with these issues or maybe, create wealth and freedom so that YOU YOURSELF can go do the thing that your heart cries out to do.

Build wells perhaps…

Build schools perhaps…

Start children’s homes in far off places where parents are dying from AIDS or something…

Now, being completely honest, I personally do not want to go live in a third world country, I kinda feel like I did my bit already but I do daily choose to create an abundance of wealth firstly for myself and my family and then to be able to support women in Africa and give them a voice.

I know that there are lots of places where women do have a voice and thankfully, those places are increasing in all parts of Africa but I still remember feeling like a second class citizen because I was female in a very male-dominated society.

I choose to increase wealth and have an abundance of it because it allows me to advertise more and reach more people with my message of freedom, financial and otherwise…

I choose to handle all my internal craziness because I am called to reach at least 334000 people and help them achieve financial independence and make their dent on the planet…

Relationship freedom

Sexual freedom

Self love

Religious freedom

Work freedom

It takes money to reach more people – NOT JUST PRAYER AND AFFIRMATIONS though those activities are good.

So, honey, what story are you telling yourself about your desire to make more money?

I know that not everyone is called to it…

But I am speaking to you and I get the feeling that you keep giving into internal confusion as to whether you are allowed to make more money or not…

Maybe, you are not even aware of it but you are getting frustrated because you just cannot seem to break through a particular income ceiling.

And it is probably because you are holding yourself back because of hidden guilt, fears, shame that you want to make money.

Maybe, it is time to see the truth which is that you need money to do the good work you are here on this planet to do.

So, simply allow yourself to do what it takes, will ya?

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to.

And by the way, do you have lots of ideas but unable to actually get anything off the ground?

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