“Come to me, all you who are weary and carry heavy burdens and I will give you rest”

Said Jesus to the crowd

What an effective sales message!

And when said to the right person at the right moment, it got the desired response – THEY CAME!

I remember going to America to sell books door to door to parents…

I got so scared, I quit after about 2 days.

Now, as a parent, I look back and realise that I was selling children’s EDUCATIONAL books to PARENTS!

I would buy any book for my princesses if the person selling it to me, could tell me how it would help my princesses clearly and in a compelling manner.

But I saw myself as TAKING from the parents and so, I quit like any good hearted spirit-driven entrepreneur would, right?!


I had the wrong attitude about selling.

SELLING IS A SERVICE when you do it right.

How else would people know what could improve their lives?

If someone like you and I did not explain clearly to them what was available, how would they know?

The chances are that you have some dodgy beliefs about selling that keeps you from truly prospering in business…

For instance…


2 things to think about here – Why do you care how you come across?  That is all about you and your fear. Move out of that passive comfort zone.  Time to get deliberate about being of service to others.

Second thing, why do you think that your people are incapable of saying ‘NO’ if they do not want what you have.  It is not pushy to simply tell people what you have and invite them to avail themselves of it.

Is your product or service good?

Will it help this person? Well, you do not know that until you take the time to communicate and ask if it would serve their needs but as soon as you know this, TELL THEM, TELL THEM, TELL THEM!


No, honey you are swapping energy.  Your great product or service for their money – It is just an exchange of value and the chances are that if they utilise what you are offering, they will get even more from it than just money.  Again, take the time to get very clear on what the customer receives when they get your stuff.


Selling is a skill, my dear.  Anyone, INCLUDING YOU, can learn a skill, if you are willing.  For me, I made it a priority to focus in on selling because my why of providing a great life for my princesses became more important than my nonsense of ‘I am not cut out for this’.

What is more important to you than your nonsense?

You can sell, if you choose to.

And that can be the difference between your business growth or death.

Will you do what it takes to prosper?

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Much Amazing Love

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