It is not below you to sell something!

Sell Something

Some people keep themselves trapped in a business that makes no money because they just cannot seem to get past the fact that a business only works when you sell something!

They tell themselves all manner of stories as to why they just hate to sell. 

They tell themselves that if they build something good, then prospects will find them without any effort from the business owner.

They tell themselves that because they are a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, lawyer or some other professional, that they do not need to sell and then they wonder why their bosses get irritated with them.

Or worse if they ARE the business owner, all that happens is that they lie awake at night wondering why on earth their business is just not flourishing!

But it is not limited to people in these professions, spiritual people are another category of people who feel that selling is beneath them.

You, of course, are not like that.

You understand that if your business is going to work, it really does need you to change your mindset around the concept of selling.

You understand that you have something of value that will serve the people in your world so learning how to tell them about it in a way that will draw them in and cause them to put their money down, is key to serving people.

You understand that, right?

Selling is a skill that anyone can learn.  You are able to learn how to get your message out in a way that draws people in to your world.  Sometimes, it really is a case of adjusting the way you look at things.

Get into the habit of asking your people what they want and keep coming up with creative ways to help them get it.

Every business owner is able to do this.

And do not get caught up in trying to be perfect with wording and phrases etc – That just puts the brakes on you because you think you need to do it a certain way.

Put your people first and care about their wellbeing and always make them an offer that will assist them in some way.

That is the essence of selling and you can do that, right?

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