What Would You Sell Your Birthright For?

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There is a story about twins.  It goes like this…

The first born by a few minutes was hairy, wild, a hunter, a virile young man by all accounts.  The second boy was a home body – He loved his mum, he loved his home, he was not all about hunting and all that stuff.  And yet, he was cunning.  He was certainly a mummy’s boy which probably helped him a lot.

This second son desperately wanted to be first and was always looking out for his opportunity to get one up on his brother who was more his father’s favourite.  The older son – What you saw was what you got and it would seem he did not see the cunning in his brother.  One day he comes in hungry from his travels and work, he smells the great stew his brother is cooking up.  He wants some, his younger brother then sells it to him for his rights as firstborn.

Just like that, he gives up his birthright.  For a little bit of food!  The story goes on to show the younger brother taking the inheritance that his elder brother should have.

How many times do you give up your birthright for a little bit of comfort?

How many times do you give up your birthright because you are too afraid to step fully into your power?  Someone, something offers you an escape route and you take it without realising that each time, you are choosing to give up your potential in order to get the immediate gratification.

Maybe, it is the TV – Each evening, you know you could be training up for your next big role but the lure of comfort, of a stress free existence is too great for you to switch it off.

Inside you know that you could be living a bigger life, a bigger existence and yet, you have settled for ease and comfort.  Except, it is not completely enough and in those quiet moments (not many), you find yourself looking back to the person you were and the promise you showed.

Maybe it is your friend – You get together and share stories of how tough life is, how the government is cutting your allowances, how your customers are cheapskates and the economy is not conducive for business. You do not see that while you are complaining and whining, others are creating successful businesses.  Others are learning all they can to thrive in what some call a ‘tough’ economy.

If one person can succeed around you, then guess what, you can too!

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