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Once you were innocent, a vast expansive child, open to exploring the world, loving every new thing you found of yourself, loving life, daring to explore the world and finding it very fascinating indeed.  

There was a whisper within you that guided you and you trusted that voice to lead you to joy and happiness and it did  

Until one day, some adult thought it time that you started the process of growing up.  

Some adult thought you were being too childish and needed to be taught a lesson or two  

And so they told you that parts of you were unacceptable and you believed them because you wanted their love and affection and you were convinced that without it, you would not survive in this huge big world.  

And then they told you that more parts of you were unacceptable and so you started to close yourself down, piece by piece and still it did not seem enough but you kept trying to be good, to be acceptable, to be wanted.  

And then you went to school and the teachers and friends saw other parts of you that seemed to be wrong as well and so you kept shutting down parts of yourself. Some people even bullied you for certain parts of yourself so you learnt to hide that too.  

And then there was that scary looking preacher at the front of the room, telling you about how this other part of you and that other part of you was unacceptable to the Divine and needed also to be shut down if you did not want to end up in hell for ALL ETERNITY and to add to that, you were born bad, born wrong, already a sinner before you even drew your first breath!  

Oh my gosh!  

Some more hiding to be done in order to be accepted by the big guy in the sky - You did not want to be struck by lightening now, did you?  

All these voices, telling you who you SHOULD BE and they all sounded so true.  

So you stopped listening to the inner voice because it seemed better not to trust yourself when all these people who were vital to your survival were telling you all these things that were wrong with you.  

And you had also found that when you did what they said, they showered you with praise but if you did not obey them, then you became a source of ridicule, abuse and punishment.  

And so, you continued to hide yourself.  

You put on a front.  

You became whatever others wanted.  

You felt like a bad person.  

You felt as though there must be something inherently wrong with you.  

And you only felt approved of, if you stopped allowing those parts of you to show up.  

Except life got smaller and smaller.  

You stopped asking for what you want out of life because it felt bad to want so much and not be allowed to have it because it was bad or greedy or whatever they said it was.  

Except it was no longer ‘them’  

This had now become so normal for you that you forgot who you were and what you truly desired and you tried to settle for less.  

You felt sadder and sadder  

And now, you are just sad most of the time but it is now your default state of being so you do not even stop to question it much  

It is just adult life, right?  

Except you are here.  

Something, someone called you here  

And there is a resonance within you when you read all the above because your life has become too small now  

And you want more.  

You know you are capable of more.  

But you just do not understand fully how to get that more.  

And under the surface, where you fear to look, is a lot of your energy.  

It is being used to stifle the dark, unacceptable parts of you. The parts that the world told you to hide.  

Those are the parts that would give you the edge you desire to totally succeed.  

You can release that energy and make it available to create your vision of life by accepting yourself totally; quirks, dark sides, light sides and all.  

Are you willing?



✅ Begin to take your true design place on the planet. Understand your role on this planet and own every part of yourself as you see that you are part of the divine jigsaw puzzle. Be fulfilled as you accept all parts of you.  

✅ Leave behind self-doubt and the pain of being uncertain of yourself as you realise that everything that has ever happened to you, has been FOR YOUR ELEVATION.  

✅ Allow yourself to receive finances and unconditional love with ease as you stop getting in your own way. For too long, you felt unworthy when you noticed your perceived flaws. You thought you had to be perfect before you could receive the things you desires, discover how to drop the need for perfection and begin allowing wealth and love into your life now. Your relationships will start to feel more empowering. Your bank balance will be a lot more expansive.  

✅ You will free yourself to do, be, have whatever you desire. You will free yourself from always needing to be perfect. You will allow yourself to experience more inner peace as you practice simple self-love techniques.  

✅ You will more boldly ask for, and receive, what you desire as you finally deeply realise that you are totally worthy of the very best of everything in this life.


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Both options are below.  

Pick the one that suits you.

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I am Rosemary Nonny Knight (RNK) Prosperity MInister. 

Once upon a time, I was a pharmacist, stuck with my big ideas of what I wanted to make happen. I had a vision of supporting a large number of people to live into their calling but I just did not know how to make it a reality. So I stayed stuck, disbelieving my own vision, feeling deluded to think that I could make it happen but the universe had other ideas for me. While I clung desperately to my victim story, I allowed myself to go bankrupt and get depressed and out of the rockbottom, I realised that I had tried it the way of the regular world and maybe, it was now time to give the Divine a chance to co-create something amazing with me.  

I learnt that I had to release A LOT Of my old way of thinking to create ANY kind of success on my own terms and I realised that my clients also had to do that because no matter how many times I would tell them exactly what to do, while their mind was set to normal, they were simply unable to do the work.

I started to help them release old ways of thinking, same as I had had to and before I knew it, they were able to create the lives they desired.

Not everyone chooses to work with me privately and invest the $2500 a month that my clients pay and I really can only work with so many people and so now, I create Deliberate Immersion Series that support more people in releasing old ways of thinking. You can access them all within the OPULENCE CIRCLE or you can buy them as standalone programs. Either way, your life will be elevated.