Self-improvement Month

September – For some this is a month of new beginnings, self- improvement, particularly if you are in the young age range.  The school year begins for most young people and so a new year begins, with new challenges, new things to learn, newness everywhere and increased traffic on the roads again if you are a commuter of any kind.

What does it mean to self-improve?  What sections of life would you want to work on? For me, I have listed a few

  1. Wealth – At the moment this is taking a priority for me as I focus on discovering more about investing in property, sourcing properties at bargain prices for other investors and consumer buyers, managing other investor’s properties, starting online business etc.  Great times indeed!  The new skills I am learning are definitely expanding my horizons.  The more I look into increasing my wealth, the more opportunities I notice.  They have always been there but I have not always been open to them.  This leads me on to the next area of life that I am working on.
  2. Relationships – At the moment, I am finding that as I learn new skills, I am gaining new friends.  New friends that help me on the journey and new friends that I can help too.  This is definitely expanding me as I learn more about communicating with people.  Learning to communicate is such an important skill as it can make a great difference to ones’ prospects in life.  It also gives insights into other people’s way of looking at life.  I find people soo fascinating.
  3. Health – Now being a woman who has recently given birth -in fact I have given birth to three children in the last four years – It is really important to me that I lose weight and return to peak health.  Was I ever in peak health?  Probably not!  But you learn to be grateful for things you once took for granted.  I imagine this is the same as you get older; suddenly movements that came easy to you are not quite so easy.  I can already hear my knees creaking as I come down stairs, I mean!!!!!  ALREADY?!!   I know I am getting older but surely not to the point of creaking knees!  Moving on swiftly…
  4. Hobbies, play, fun? – These are taking a back seat for me at the moment, although I do quite enjoy writing out my thoughts.  There are more things I can definitely take on at a later point but this is on the back burner for now.  For instance, I love to sing so I try to fit it in wherever I can.  In the future, I have high hopes of spending more time making music.
  5. Spirituality – This is something that for me underpins everything that I do.  I do not know what you believe in but surely something in you is aware that there is a bigger something out there.  Well, I do and I enjoy building a relationship with Him.  This relationship leads to improved clarity when I take a moment to really breathe and listen.  Sometimes I lose this in my crazy life and then I get overwhelmed and come crawling back to recoup.  Thankfully, He is FOR me always.

These are the aspects of life that I am particularly concerned with at the moment.  As life carries on, I am sure I will look back at this and make some changes but that is what this is about – growth.  I am certain there are more areas of life that require work but I cannot think of any at the moment.  Which parts of your life are you working on at the moment?  Can you think of any other aspects I have not considered?  I would love to hear from you!

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