This Self-Imposed Prison Of Yours – You Will Never Find Wealth & Freedom There

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This self imposed prison of yours! - You

We all start adult life in prison – We just don’t know it.

We think we are free but really we are bound up in ways we do not even understand and then we go on to do the same to our kids and they do it their kids and so on and so on.

I sought to free my kids from the prison and yet, I find myself trapped in prison again.

It is incredibly hard to break free from this prison because it is all around us and we think that because it is the norm, it is what we must live.

We accept that we must be locked up and so the system keeps ticking along with us trapped in it…

Watching life, Watching, watching, watching…

How long? HOW LONG?

I am surrounded by people who complain about the wealthy people…

I am surrounded by people who complain about the unfairness of life…

I am surrounded by people who are stuck in the system…

They hate it, kinda…

But at the same time, they love it because to break free means you have to do things that make you uncomfortable and really, you do not want that, do you?

You just want to complain about things but never to change things.

I am tired of listening!

And yet, honestly, I am not completely free yet…

Even though I try to break out, I keep seeing where I am stuck in the system.

It is all around us and it is so attractive – The security, the comfort, the seeming sanity of the prison keeps calling me back and some days, it seems it would be best to go back inside the prison and pretend I do not see that I am conforming! AGAIN!

I refuse to send my princesses to school and yet, years of schooling makes me afraid that I will do them a disservice.

I begin to doubt myself…

I wonder if I am making a mistake to allow them to explore who they are, what they want, to follow their own passions.

After all, don’t we have to go to school every day for practically 25 years to begin in a profession you never even chose yourself?

Or is that just my life?

But it did not do me any harm, did it?

I became a pharmacist – So what if I did not really like it much!

I had money and it allowed me some flexibility, didn’t it?

Erm… NO!

I had a little money when THEY said I could have it.

I had some flexibility when THEY said I could have it.

I almost died with my dreams inside of me because my dreams are not practical, are they?

I still remember my Chemistry teacher in secondary school in Nigeria looking at me and asking me why I was going to university to study science/ pharmacy when music was what made my heart sing.

But that is what people do, isn’t it?

They give up their childhood dreams to create a life that makes their parents feel they have done their parenting job well, don’t they?

And then they go on to do the same to their own kids, don’t they?

Just to make sure that their kids are comfortable and get ‘good jobs’ and are able to take care of themselves because then, the parent’s job is done, right?


There must be another way!

Or maybe, you want to be wealthy, incredibly wealthy but you keep that hidden because it feels vulgar and mercenary to think it, let alone say it out loud.

You tell yourself you are content with your lot in life as though you have no power over it.

All your childhood, you listened as people older and ‘wiser’ than you told you that all the rich people had done something horrid to create their wealth and you took that into your psyche and you became super spiritual and some kind of tortured artist because to create wealth now feels wrong.

You cannot be you and wealthy, can you?

It is one or the other, or so you tell yourself.

So you stay on your pedestal looking at the world disdainfully thinking you are somehow above it but you are so broke and you keep having to do things that you do not want to do to put food on the table for your family and you keep holding yourself back with your nonsense about not being motivated by money…

What rubbish!


But it takes courage, it takes bravery that some days, I wonder if I even have…

It takes the ability to stand on the edge of what everyone else thinks is normal and daring to do what your heart yells at you to do.

It takes waking yourself up from the self-imposed sleep that you have to allow in order to keep living your mundane boring life.

Because deep inside you are created to LIVE!

To be bold, To be daring, to break through all those ‘other people imposed’ limits! All your own SELF-IMPOSED limits!

And you know it but you are also scared by it.

So you sleep through your life, waiting for someone to come give you permission to wake up.

No, it is not easy to come alive – I almost wish I could tell you that it is.

There is a reason you stay in safety and complain about all the people in high places – It is because it feels safe and you are scared at heart.

And yet, all the time – the things you say you want to see in society like fairness, like equal distribution of wealth, like the end of world hunger, like a spiritual revolution and people returning to God and any of that good stuff…

Can only be created by people coming alive…

Can only be created by YOU coming alive and breaking free and doing the things you dream of but that scare the living daylights out of you…

Can only be created when we become the people we are created to be, not the ones our upbringing and environment have told us to be.

We all have a part to play in the evolution of the planet and yet, we keep looking for other people to give us security, to tell us that it will all work out, to tell us that we are good enough.

But the good stuff, the power is actually within us, if we would just believe in ourselves enough to actually stand by our ideals, our dreams, our values.

Man, even as I type this, I recognize that I speak to me as well as to anyone out there that will listen.

Truth is, breaking out of prison is a daily activity. You break out of one prison only to find yourself in another one if you are not careful.

The pull of security and the approval of others is strong within each one of us so it takes daily awareness to see where we have allowed another prison door to shut around us.

This journey is not for everyone – Not everyone can deal with the pressure of it but if you want real freedom – It starts here…

It starts with you honouring you!

Honouring the ideas in your own heart, even when they seem crazy and no one gets what you are up.

It starts with you choosing you! Even when it seems selfish!

Selfish according to who?

You can only love others as you love yourself and if you do not love yourself and honour your uniqueness, you are only going to force other people to do what you do.

You will tell them to conform, to be like everyone else because that is what you tell yourself.

Break free, Warrior!


Right now, write down whatever comes up for you when you read this – Even if you think that lady is crazy, write it down and start to honour your own ideas, your own thoughts, your own path.

For too long, you have forgotten ‘YOU’.

Wake up!


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