Self Employment or Employment – Which one do you prefer?

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So, tell me, do you prefer self-employment or employment?  Would you rather be the captain of your own ship or one of the rowers in someone else’s boat?  What is your preference?

Self employed or employedThis evening, whilst talking to my younger brother about a business idea I am about to embark on, we wondered whether self employment was going to take over the world.  Currently in the UK, lots of people are setting up their own thing because of the recession – There has been an increase of 367000 people quoting self employment as their main source of work from the year 2008 to 2012.

Looking at the stats on the Office for National Statistics website, it would seem that the increase was mostly found amongst men in their 50s and farming seemed to be all the rage.

Has your family faced redundancy in the last few years?  What choices did you have to make?

Now, I know a lot of the ladies on my Facebook Page are running or hoping to run small businesses from home and I too run business from home.  Would you return to work if you had the chance?  Most of the ladies I speak to on the page work from home in order to be the one that looks after their own kids.  That was my reason for starting a business as well.

I don’t think either self-employment or employment is better or worse, I just think it comes down to what each person prefers to do.  I personally also think that everyone needs to act as though they were self-employed whether in a job or not.  After all, if you act stupidly in your job, you could very easily lose your ‘secure’ source of income so the ability to show initiative and help the business (yours or not) grow is the responsibility of every person wherever they work.

So what do you consider to be the pros and cons of self employment or employment?  Imagine a world where we were all self-employed, what could that look like?  Is it even possible?

Maybe, we could return to days gone by when everyone bartered their goods and services.  I don’t think it will ever happen but it is certainly an interesting thought.  Imagine that, no need for money!  Wishful thinking, I think 🙂

self employed or employed

To end, lets look at the similarities and how you can maximise your position whether you are self-employed or employed.

    1. Every company needs sales – It is the basic life blood of any business.  You, whether owner or employee must help the company sell in order for you to make any money.  You may be selling services or products, whichever way you are in sales.
    2. Every company needs to save money – Figure out how to streamline costs and keep them down.  Self employed or employed, this ensures your company stays afloat.  If employed, be the one that identifies ways to save money.
    3. Build relationships – Whether with the people in your company or with customers/clients.  If you are an employee, the people in your company are essential to your movement up the ladder or even movement into your own business.  If you are liked, then they are more likely to help you if you go off to do your own thing by sending you referrals, they are more likely to be happy to be led by you if you get promoted within the company.Building relationships with customers is essential as well as they too could refer your products or services to their friends thus helping you build the business without high advertising costs.
    4. When at work, focus on work.  Give it your best attention and see just how effective you can be when you focus in on one thing at a time.
    5. Invest in Yourself – Get training, get relevant education.  This will enable you to bring new skills into your company/business.  This increases your value and the more you increase your value the more money you make.

So, Self employed or Employed, which way would you prefer to go?


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