You keep waiting, praying, believeing that somehow you will feel a level of certainty that you did not personally create!

You think that someone, somewhere is going to come and tell you that today is the day you win!

Honey, no one is coming!

You are the magic!

You are the one who wakes up and realises that everything you want is waiting for you to claim it!

There will be no trumpet sound to herald the arrival of your calling…

There will be no voice from heaven calling you their beloved Son or Daughter…

There will be nothing but you making a quiet and yet FIRM decision to wake the hell up and live out the calling you have always felt.

I mean, seriously?!

Someone has to tell you to change some lives before you do it?!


You are leader, stop being such a little follower!

I know I am being a little mean but how long?!

How long before you realise that the magic really is already within you?

How long before you realise that you are the miracle you are waiting to see?

Everything you need to take the next step is already there waiting for you!

Waiting for you to wake up and smell the roses and do the work that you know you are born to do!

You tell me you do not have the time – I tell you MAKE THE TIME – There is certainly no more time to live the wrong life…

You tell me you are scared – I say… AND?!!!  You think you are the only scared entrepreneur out there?!

You tell me you are not sure if you are worthy – I tell you that ONLY YOU can make that decision!

And I suppose that is what this whole post is about…


Because no one, not even God himself, can make that decision for you!

He already told you that you are worthy…

The dream in your heart told you that you are worthy…

And yet, you keep sticking with a job you dislike, coming up with all manner of excuses to avoid getting off your bum and doing the real work that you would rather be doing!

And honey, it is the work that always works…

Not the doubts and the second guessing and the navel gazing!


Will you do it?

Will you just let yourself do the work you have always dreamed of?

Self appoint yourself the best in the world and begin!

It is that simple!

Communicate how you can help them…

Capture their attention and their contact information…

Close them by asking for teh sale repeatedly…

That is it!

Just get on and do the work, will ya?

The world awaits your awakening!

Fight for, deliberately design the life youa re born to live!

Because you want to!

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