Seek and Ye shall find…

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The children are screaming upstairs and I have just returned from my weekly stint as a pharmacist. I am on my own for a few seconds and I am trying to take advantage of it by writing. I love to write.   I am sure I have mentioned this before somewhere in this blog ( I must search for that).

As a young girl, I remember my English teacher choosing me as one of his special students for reasons I still do not quite understand but he said, there was something about the way I wrote that was special. That is one of those moments you remember forever so I have always fancied myself as a writer. I keep a journal and attempt to write songs but could never settle down long enough to produce a novel of any length as I get bored with writing about the same thing after a while. I was made for a blog. I can produce little bits of articles and just as I get fed up of writing, I stop. I like the blog, Yes I do!

Seek and Ye shall find

Seek and ye shall findOn the ride home today, I decided to listen to some Antony Robbins and as usual, it was inspiring stuff.  I am not sure why I did not discover him before…

Anyway, in passing, he mentioned the truth of finding what you seek for.  There was an immediate agreement in my deeper parts that this was so very true.  In whatever aspect of life you are, you will always tend to find what you are looking for.  If you are looking for stress or expecting it, then there is no doubt you will find it.  If you are looking for a peaceful life, there is almost no doubt you will find it too.  Of course, there are times when temporarily you will find something you were not expecting but mroe often than not, if you have found something, it is because you were looking for it.

You may not even realise you were looking for it but hey presto, there it is.  For instance, we sometimes say things like ‘Bad things come in threes’ and guess what, they almost always do for you, don’t they?

Sometimes, it is not quite so obvious.  You have certain types of friends and you may change city, move house, move church and somehow, you find yourself back again with the same kinds of friends again.  You were looking for them and you did not even realise it.

Every so often, in my life, I suddenly realise I am over-committed and doing a lot more than I want to do.  So, I go through a process of streamlining my life and suddenly all is at peace.  How long does it last before I realise I am chocka block full up again?  Usually about 6 months or so.  I get bored, I add on one activity that is ‘oh so’ essential and then another one and then another one.  I take a step back and realise I am over-committed again!  I stream line my life again.

The truth is, something deep inside me is looking for busyness and over-activity.  I sought it and I found it.

Now imagine a life where you only seek out great things.  You take the time to check any impulses that help you find things that hinder rather than advance.  A life where you are sure of the vision you have for your future and you are carefully only seeking out the things that will fill your life with great things.  A life where you are grateful for what you have and happily seeking out more of the same great stuff.

That is what I want for you. (and for me, too)

And yes, I know it is possible.  I look back over my life and I know that it is not perfect but there is a great deal of stuff I have in my life that I know I sought out against the odds, against what people said I could have.  I have that stuff like a great husband, wonderful children, financial blessing, a house I could never have afforded a little while ago (though I am on the search for somewhere else), a growing business, great friends.

As my friend Maksoom would say “Life is good and I am blessed”.

These are some of the good things I sought out, and yes, I found them.  Increase the good things you seek, and in return, find more good things.

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