Wouldn’t you like to know where to sow your seeds – 2

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So in the last post, I shared a story beginning this series on where to sow your seeds.  Here is the second part of that post. You will be blown away by how this can apply to your life and getting going with a new business, career, healthy lifestyle and more.

Where not to sow your seeds

Sow your SeedsHow does this apply to you? Do you think it applies to you and finding the success you desire.

Of course, this can  not represent all of life and its nuances but lets consider the outcome of all the seeds planted by the farmer in the story and how does that apply to your life and your quest for fruitfulness in the form of personal success.

  1. The Birds ate them up –

    Who are the birds in your life?  I would suggest that if you spend too much time listening to people who have no plan or purpose then these are the birds in your life.

    You know these people – You have a dream and you are sooo excited but then you tell this person about it before you get the time to implement it and immediately, you get the

    “Yeah, but how are you going to make it happen?”
    “What about your children?”
    “Where are you going to get the money from?”
    “Don’t get too full of yourself”
    “Yeah, but you have never been able to stick to anything before”

    or even worse, you hear from someone else what is being said behind your back.

    At this point, some people get discouraged and that is the end of their dream, plan, or desire etc.  That does not have to be YOU!!!  Do not let other people eat up your potential with just the power of their words or annoying actions.

  2. Shallow Roots –

    Have you ever attended a church service, a seminar, a training event and you are soooo excited, The presentation was mesmerizing and thought provoking.  It swept you along and you were certain that life could not return to the way it was and had been.  As soon as you left, you were going to take the steps, make the moves specified in the event.  You knew it.

    Then you got home and well, your husband was still the same moody character, your children had demands on you, your employer refused you some time off.  Life had not moved on at all.  You had changed but nothing else had.

    You tried for a little while to put your new learning in place but with no support, no encouragement, your excitement drained away like all your other big ideas.

    Does this remind you of anyone?  Certainly not you 🙂

    This was me for a long time.  I would start things then stop, then get another great idea… then stop.  And on and on it went.

    Are you stuck in that cycle?  What would you like to do about it?

Anyway, that brings us to the end of this second installment on the where to sow your seeds.

What do you think so far?  I would love to hear your thoughts, do you see yourself in any of the above pictures.  Leave your comments below and Watch out for the next part…

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