You are the scriptwriter of Your Life

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scriptwriter of your life

A film emerges first and foremost in the imagination of an individual. He has an idea and it lodges in their brain and they get a choice…

Shake it off and pretend nothing ever happened




Let it linger, see it come to life in their imagination, honour it as further develops, start to put it to paper…

Erase a few lines, as the vision gets clearer and then write some more…

Let it mull over in their head and continue to capture it.

And then they get another choice…

To leave it as a dream written out


Actually carry on the process of making it come to life. They get an idea of approaching this or that person, asking for their assistance. They mention it to friends – Some tell them it is unrealistic and they feel rubbish and again they get a choice – Listen or keep moving forward.

Other friends are encouraging. They suggest they speak to this or that person and hope buds again.

They keep following through on inspired action. In this day and age of saocial media, it is possible to make contact with most people on the planet – the question is, will they have the courage to do it or will they retreat telling themselves that they cannot make it happen.

Everything comes down to choice.


There might be some people who started life with everything with no effort but not many people fall into that category. Most people started the same as you, most successful free people had the same challenges or maybe even worse challenges than you.

And they faced the same question – To continue and follow the dream or to give up and make nothing happen and we know of them because they did what most will not do. Instead of focusing on the things they did not have, they chose to focus on how they could make something only visible in their imagination a reality.

You are the scriptwriter of your life…

No one can make decisions for you…

No one can make you go forward unless you choose to go forward.

Stop believing anything is impossible for you because the truth is this, if someone else has done it then there is absolutely no reason why you cannot do it too. Your life is yours and yours only. You always get a choice, you always get a magic moment as Paulo Coehlo puts it, when you choose whether to carry on the same as you always have or you step into something scary and yet, this thing may have the ability to change everything for you.

You may be ‘trapped’ in a job, a career that once made you come alive…

You may be the weird person that has new ideas every other second and you may worry that your inability to stick at things is a sign that you are, in some way, flawed…

You look around at your peers and you wonder why you cannot seem to settle down and enjoy life as it is ( it is not all that bad, after all) but there is a burning within you that wants more…

The truth is, no one can assure you of success at your new venture but you can be assured that the journey will feel awesome if you refuse to back down. And this is also something you can be certain of, if you do not give it a go, you will feel permanently like you SHOULD HAVE, you will have regrets forever.

Wake up, Warrior!

Fight for, create the life, the BUSINESS you know you want.

Freedom is available, you just have to choose it.

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