Science of getting rich workshopYou are a person of vision.

You have big hopes for your life.

You know you are born for more – It whispers to you! It calls to you…

And some days, it feels like you are running out of time as you get older and still, you don’t get where you want to go.

You have a message inside of you…

The ability to coach, counsel, teach, speak, empower…

Or maybe, you have art, music, books that you want to unleash…

YOU KNOW this is your mission and yet…

It is not happening to the extent that you had hoped…

You are changing lives in a minor way and you are hungry to do more…

But you have tried and tried…

You cannot seem to focus, get traction and you are frustrated.

There are other underlying things at work…

Your past is raising its crazy head…

Your beliefs are keeping you from seeing the opportunites right in front of your eyes…

You are listening to the crazy voices of those around you who want to keep you in a nice box with them…

But you want more!

You need to break free and so I make this invitation to you…

Come hang out with me at my house for 4-5 hours and I will help you see what is holding you back and more than that, give you strategies to break free of it so that you can do the work you want to and are born to do.

This is you and me, live in the same room, getting to the root of the issue and getting it shifted.


Deliberate Millionaire “Science Of Getting Rich” LIVE Workshop

Clear Your Income Blocks, Time To Make More Money!

This intimate workshop is for just 8 entrepreneurial leaders who know they are born for more and who know that their past story is holding them back from getting it all.

And they are ready, READY to clear the path to profits, passion, purpose and more income!


You will speak of the past…

You will be really heard…

You will be seen, you will learn to release it and you will heal.

It will take courage because you are that person others look at and see as a winner.  You are not all that used to being vulnerable but you know the wounds inside your heart and you know that you would be doing more if you were not held back by all this garbage and you are ready to be free.

This is the beginning of freedom, of unlimited wealth and a heckuva lot more impact.

This is the beginning of feeling untethered from the nonsense and this is where you truly begin to accelerate the delivery of your big dreams.

  • You will start to see more opportunities because you are now free from the nonsense that kept your eyes shut to the options around you.

  • You will realise that you have always had the power to win and though you have had limited wins, you will be free to create bigger ones.

  • You will start to ask for what you want, rather than settle for what others allow you or even what you have settled for to date.

  • Your dreams will enlarge as you realise just how small you were playing as these tethers kept you back from the big life you are born to live.

  • You will stop being snappy with your children or partner as you finally get the healing your soul has been craving.

  • You will stop duplicating the crazy scenarios in your life that you promised yourself that you would not play out – You will actually start keeping your word to yourself.

  • You will impact more people and create more wealth than ever before as a result of the work we do on this day.

  • You will learn strategies to keep you free and clear

  • You will realise what actions you need to take to get your business income exploding.

  • You will address the habits, hurts and attitudes that hold you back – you may not even realise that this is happening

  • You will learn how to use Journalling to create wealth, success, abundance

  • You will be reinvigorated and re-energized for the comig period of time

  • You will fully realise and see how to make it real that ABUNDANCE IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT

  • You will feel so much more energetic because a purpose driven life fires you up like nothing else can

  • You will find it easier to get into action because you will build your business and life on your strengths – things you are already gifted with.

  • Your habits will start to be replaced with more wealth attracting ones

  • The way you think and talk about yourself will change because you will be literally astounded by what you are capable of once you get started.

  • You will be a nicer person because you will instigate proper boundaries to protect your own time and build your own dreams. You will probably find that you have more time as a result of some of the changes we work on together and can therefore be more present with the important people in your life.

  • You will be a better role model for your children and anyone who looks up to you because they will see you living out your purpose, rather than settling for your default life.

  • You will stop sabotaging yourself with poor thinking that hinders you.

  • You will be even closer to your higher power as you tap more into the wisdom that is always available to you

This will happen on the First saturday of 2017, the 7th. From 12noon UK Time until 4 or 5 pm at the latest.

You will come to my house in Wolverhampton, West Midlands – Details will be given when you pay.

And the clarity will begin.

All you need is yourself and a journal.

I will give you some pre-work prior to the meeting.



Everyone gets a copy of the 5K Sales Machine – How To Go From Making Hardly Any Money In Your Business To Getting ALL the Customers, Clients You Want Online, Reaching $5k a month, Without It Taking All Day, Even If You Are Not That Technical & Just Getting Started.  (Valued at $497)

It is time to leave the past behind and choose to step up to the true win for you.