Scary Exciting Day

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Aaargh, on this scary exciting day, I did not quite meet my before midnight target yesterday so I thought I would just try and put some thoughts out from the preceding day.  Now that I am trying to blog everyday, I generally keep my eyes open for a subject that jogs my fancy as I go through the day.  For instance, I passed a road today called ‘Whynot’ and I loved it.  “Why NOT” indeed…

A Business Opportunity for you?

First let me start by talking about a business opportunity that may be just the thing for you if you are looking for

  • a business to get involved in that does not involve a big start-up cost,
  • a business that supports you all the way with people rooting for your success,
  • a business that helps you build a valuable pension pot using Silver ( a well-known commodity that holds it value and is currently increasing in value),
  • a business you can do around your kids very easily

Then I spent this evening with my Brother’s friend and she talked me through such a business.  Have a look at her website when you get a moment.  It shows you a way of saving your money in a way that does not diminish with inflation and also it shows you how to get started in a business that could provide you with a great income (with effort) in a relatively short time.  Send me a message if you want to find out more and I will put you in touch with this young lady.

And really, that is one of the things that this blog is about.  It is written by me, a woman, for other women primarily (Sorry Guys, though you are welcome too!).  It is written to open your mind to the various options available to you if starting a business or considering becoming a lot more responsible for your future.  I have a passion to see women really begin to see just how capable they are.

Scary Exciting Day

Apart from the above, I am in the process of taking control of a property in Birmingham with 7 rooms to fill and a bigger monthly payment than I am used to.  I am excited and certain I will make it work but inside there is always that scary feeling that things could fall apart.

This is all part of becoming responsible for oneself though.  There will be times when fear threatens to overwhelm but I must act despite the fear.  Starting something new always carries an element of fear but I suppose those are the defining moments in your life.  Will you find it scary and exciting and carry right on or will you run back to your safe place?

Wish me the Best! I definitely wish the same for you.

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