DO YOU EVER GET SCARED THAT NOTHING WILL CHANGE? No Money Will Be Made & You Will Go to The Grave with Your Song Still in You?

I do!

I dream these big dreams, I have these HUGE visions about what I want to create in my lifetime. I even KNOW for absolutely sure that I am created for a time like this to do amazing things…

And then I get pretty scared that it is all a dream…

I think I am deluding myself and I want to step back into the shadows , I want to hide, I want to pretend I am the same as everyone else and then I start to dilute my message to make it palatable to people and I make my fears reality because I am hiding already without trying to.

And it all started in my head.

Do you do that?

I know you do!

You hide because you are scared to death that none of the dreams will happen and so you make them not happen by hiding, by pretending you are less because it feels better to never have tried than to give it your all and realize that maybe, just maybe, you really were not enough.

This way, you can decide that you are already not enough and you can stay hidden, pretending to be a sheep, instead of the warrior that you are.

I get it!

It is easier never to shine your light than to shine it and realize it was not really that bright!

I get it!

It feels better to stay comfortable in a life that no longer suits you than to put your neck out there and find that no one wants your particular brand of crazy!

I get it!

I feel it every day, every single day!

Every day, I feel the urge to hide, to be less than me, to stop saying what I think needs to be said, to reduce my message, to be a wimp and every day, I have to fight it!

Oh, I don’t always win!

Nope, sometimes the need to be wimpy wins out and I produce weak, nothing-different, nonsense that gives some value, maybe, but ultimately, not enough value to change anyone’s world.

And then some days, I wake up, I speak to my Father and I am reminded that I am a WARRIOR!



You say what needs to be said!

You do not care who hears because it is not just about that, it is not just about the results, it is about the person YOU ARE BECOMING!

The courageous person who keeps calling people out, who keeps speaking the truth, who serves whatever anyone thinks.

You are not called to be a people pleaser!

Someone who pretends to be helpful just because it makes you more acceptable to the other wimps around you!

NOPE, you are a messenger of truth and you speak it whether it is acceptable or not because you know the ones that need to hear it, will hear it when they are good and ready but YOU ARE GOOD AND READY NOW!

Listen, I don’t want to go on and go on because if you are my people, you already know! So here is my invitation to you – If you are a warrior ready to use your strengths to serve and to build an incredibly successful business…

If you are a person with a dream of financial & time freedom that you have been wimping out about because life right now, is just not all that bad (you have certainly experienced worse) and you think that you should just settle and be satisfied even if it is less than your ideal for yourself, and it seems a little bit too scary to completely go all out to create the dreams and visions you have in your head…

If you are ready to stop hiding and conforming and you are ready to start the work on both the internal & external strategies of success, then I invite you to join me for one of the 6 free 30 minute masterclasses I am putting on for you this coming week from the 4th to the 9th May…

6 Business Models That Give You Time And Financial Freedom While Utilizing Your Strengths – No More Compromising Who You Are To Suit Anyone Else – Make A Difference, Make A Fortune Doing Things That Make You Feel Good.

Register now and come see how you can step into the wealthy warrior you know you are born to be!



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