Ok, so I may annoy you with this one if you are the Christian/Spiritual person I am speaking to.  Yes, I am targeting you because I KNOW you and I see you and frankly, I think some days, you need to be shaken awake!

And today is that day for you!

Stop saying things like ‘I can’t do it in my own strength’ when really you are wimping out from actually playing full-out…

Or maybe it is the ‘I am a winner… ‘ qualified with the words ‘with Jesus’ when you are not DOING ANYTHING to get what you want…

It is like you are trying to give yourself an out – It is God’s fault if you don’t win because hey, it was not His will, right?!

What utter nonsense…

I see you and you are not doing anything in the direction of what you claim to want!

You are letting the fear win and you are calling it holy and frankly, I hate that you are doing that!


Hate that you claim to have the same power that conquers the grave and yet, you live like the weakest person on the planet because you are supposedly waiting on the Lord for the perfect time for you to move your butt!


Your vision is your permission!

Why the heck do you think that God would give you a vision and then tell you to sit there waiting for some other confirmation before you actually move.

Oh yes, you tell me about Isaac and abraham…

Well, guess what, Abraham was MOVING!  He was actually doing something not just sitting there waiting…

He made love to his wife, not just waiting for the miraculous conception…

He took his son up the mountain assuming that actually the real sacrifice would be made visible just as he needed it and surprise, surprise, it was!


You are NOT!

You are sitting there, waiting.

Telling yourself the time is wrong to do what is in your heart to do…

Stop being so weak.


You are powerful!

Cloaked in strength!

Loved with a passion!

Given a purpose!

Why the heck do you not live it out?

Why do you not push on every door there is, in order to make it happen?

Why do you not love yourself enough to go for everything you want?!

You claim to be waiting to be covered by some pastor person as if any PERSON could stop you from going after what you want but you are too scared to go after what you want in case you go to hell or something…

Or in case you find that you are not up to the task.

Or in case you make the wrong decision!

And you make it all sound so holy!

And most of your friends will even tell you that you are correct to think that way but they are all living the same half-life as you so why the heck are you listening to them?

Oh yes, it is nice and comfy to believe them, isn’t it?

You can tell yourself that you are doing enough…


I can be quite anti-social at church because I get fed up of listening to people capable of incredible things, doing nothing and every so often, I have people who ignore my ‘KEEP AWAY FROM ME’ exterior and they feel led or something to come up to me and tell me what they really want to do…

I love it!

I can feel the passion in their voices…

I am excited for them…

They have even had the prophetic word about what their life is supposed to be about…

I offer them advice on how to move forward because they fucking ask for it and then…


And for the next few weeks, they avoid me…

Or they try to convince themselves that because I talk about sex and religion then I must be from the devil so they can pray for me instead…

And time continues to pass on by and all those big ideas inside of them, just stay there…

They get distracted by some other thing and tell themselves that this must be the right path but really it is not…

It is simply the safe, broad path…

The path that feels comfortable enough to stay on and they can again blame God for not actually going after their dreams…

“Oh well, Rosemary, it seems that this was the right path after all, can’t you see that everything worked out so quickly?  It must be God for me to stay doing this other thing over here.  Lets not talk about the other vision I mentioned before, that was just a fantasy.  I have to be real”  They might say if they ever get the courage to actually speak to me again!

Most just smile and look away sheepishly!

Such silliness…

And then there is you, on the web.

You come liking my posts or you lurk, wishing you were so confident or just … lurking…

You comment with your ‘yes’ and ‘amen’ and ‘In Jesus’ Name’ and so on and yet, you do not move that butt at all!

You go back into your safe, small life and send up a few more begging and pleading ‘prayers’ to the heavens and then do absolutely NOTHING!

Your awesome arse does not move…

You give into the fear!

You forget who you are!

You forget whose Spirit you carry!


I get it!

It IS tough to go after your dreams!

And it can feel like you must be going the wrong way if it is so tough…

You keep thinking that it should be easier to live out the vision…

It should be paved with open doors and easy wins because GOD himself told you to go that way and so when it is not, you tell yourself that it must not be God’s will…

And you settle for some lesser goal.

And that is just so sad.

You have something that can change lives but you refuse to do it!

Please hear my heart…

Remember who you are!


You are born to win!

Abundance is your birthright…

Life in all its fullness is yours…

Plant yourself on the narrow path and refuse to come off it.

Refuse to give into the fear!

You are born for more than this.

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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