SO WHAT?!!! IF They Said THAT?! Your Choice – BE Bland OR Be A Wealthy Warrior

Wealthy WArriorYou know that little feeling of glee that you feel when you hear of the misfortune of someone else, That feeling that makes you think superior thoughts about your life – You know what I mean…


Well, yes, there are people in the world who think like that…


So… they are going about their life, settling for less than they are capable of, being petrified of stepping out of their safe little circle of life. The circle where everything is controlled, everything is done just as they expect and the same old, same old is to be expected forever…


And out of the corner of their eye, they catch a glimpse of their neighbor, their friend, YOU maybe, pushing the boundaries, doing something different, shedding the layers and becoming more successful until…


They watch you flat on your face and that tension they felt inside, feels relieved as they tell themselves that they were in fact right – All that striving is just a stupid waste of time. Better to be ‘content’ and ‘grateful’ or so they tell themselves.


However, as they pat themselves on the back for being boring, irrelevant and supposedly at peace, they see you, this warrior, start to rise up, start to dust yourself off, start to get THAT gleam in your eye again…


And they rush in to lecture, to tell YOU what you are doing wrong and how it would be best if you lived… like them. Learn to be content, to be grateful, to be serene like they are – All the time forgetting that actually they are not anything like that under the surface.


Just say it (maybe just in your head!) – “Get LOST!!!!!!” (there are stronger words I could use but…)


Remember this…


You ARE the Warrior, who falls flat on your face but then rises out of the ashes, determined never ever to give up.


You are the Wealthy Warrior that feels sick and tired sometimes, and yes, there are days when it would seem easier to give up but you KNOW that you just cannot do it.


You KNOW that you will be back here pushing, striving, clinging to hope that it can be better than this.


And yes, there are people all around you who do not get it. They worry about you, they try and get you to change lane and go on the slow lane and you get fed up of it.


In fact, if you had the courage to do it, you would cut them out of your life right about now. But instead you smile, you remain evasive when they ask for assurances from you, you try to change the subject because you know they care about you but frankly, you really do not want to hear it.


The demons in your own head are loud enough without their input – Thank you very much!


The fear that surrounds you a lot of the time is sufficiently scary without them adding their nonsense to it and you also know that some of them really do not care about you at all.


All they care about is their own comfort, their own security and their own face. They want you to toe the line so that they look good and it really has nothing to do with your good at all.


So, you know what, warrior?!!… Stop listening to them. They have made their choice, they have decided to live quiet, safe lives and you will never ever agree with them even though at times, it might feel like you want to.


Let me call you out!


You are a Warrior! You are a WEALTHY Warrior! You are a fearless leader who though at times, you feel weak and afraid and you just want to quit and bury your head in the sand – You KNOW you are called to soooo much more than that.


And so, you keep moving forward, you do whatever it takes to get you to your nirvana because the truth is, when you get there, even while you are still on the journey, you are making the world a better place.


All those people who try to hold you back, to make you stop will benefit from what you choose to do today so forget them, move on. Do your ‘smile’ thing and get out of there. (or if you are really brave, tell them where to go then walk regally out of there!)


YOU ARE A WARRIOR! You do fight through this nonsense and you WILL reign victorious.



And join in our group of maverick wealthy warriors in the Wealthy Warrior Alliance.

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