You wake up and you already want to go back to sleep

You make yourself get up but you know you want to do anything but what you have to do that day…

And you have obeyed all the rules about what you are supposed to do to have a happy existence…

You have the religion, gone full immersion into it and invested huge amounts of time following the rules and holding yourself back from all kinds of things that may have been fun to do but hey, that would have taken you off the path to eternity in heaven and so, no, not allowed…

You have even done what the parents wanted – done the schooling, ticked all the boxes, ace-d the tests apart from a few blips here and there, you even got the perfect professional job, brought in great money…

And still, you want out!!!

Are you ungrateful or what?!

You have it all, don’t you?

You should be happy, should you not?

Why do you continue to feel this emptiness inside?

The hole within that still feels empty, despite obeying the rules, despite doing everything they said to do…

Despite being there for everyone…

Despite being nice…

And still you want to run from your life…

And the even more silly thing is the fact that you are running from the fact that you want to run from your life! you are trying to pretend everything is okay. You think you should be above having this issue so you are trying to pretend it is not there!

And I get it – you are strong, you know you are born for more and you also know that you are different from those around you but honey, there ain’t no hiding from the way you feel!

You look around you and you think everyone else seems to be happy enough and so, knowing that you are different from them and more badass than them, you think you should have it altogether, and so you keep trying to run from the fact that you want to run from your own life!


This is not what you want!

Yes, you have worked hard to get here but you hate it!

And if you don’t face that then you get to keep it as well!

You want to be free!

You want to be living out your purpose every day, not just in the few minutes here and there when you have time to fit it in. You want a life more full of things you want to do not all of these things you HAVE TO do!

And yet, you think that that makes you selfish, weak, irresponsible and so you keep this silly charade up!


Did that annoy you, after all you have spent ages trying to be considered important at things that if you are honest, you don’t even really believe anymore!

Your religion has holes in it…

But hey, lets try to gloss over it…

Your family relationships leave you feeling resentful but hey, you want to be nice…

Most of your friendships make you feel like you are on the outside looking in, wondering what the hell these people are talking about but you see yourself smiling and joining in as though you actually like these people…

But hey, you don’t want to be alone!

Is it any wonder that you want to run away from your life?!

You know what?!

It is time to start running!

It is time to stop pretending…

It is time to create something that means something because honey, you are running out of time!

You have skills, experiences, stories that can change lives…

You want to use them to impact people but you have not figured out how to do it yet and that is mostly because you have not invested time in doing it as you tried so hard to keep up this sad, pretend existence…

Create space for your real life and run, run away from this fake one…

I had to.

And I keep having to as I see more places where I keep trying to pretend all is well when really it is not!

It takes courage to turn your back on things that most people consider normal and to start to fully own the fact that you want a LOT MORE than you have got.

And then to give yourself permission to play full-out and get it all!

It all takes serious courage but you know you have that!

You just thought you had to stay put.

You don’t!

You can question EVERYTHING that feels wrong!

You already are, really but you have not allowed yourself to do it out loud.

Do it!


Question the religion rules…
Question the relationship rules…
Question the work rules…
Question all life rules…

Question it all and find your own narrow path…

And create the life you actually want!

Run away from the norm life – It stifles you…

Deliberate Design Your Life the way You want it!

It is yours after all!

Again and to end, you are born for more and you can have it but first, face up to your current reality and choose to create something that feels good. Choose to impact the people you want to impact, choose to create the income doing the work you want to do.


Run from everything else.


Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live…

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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