Running a Business and Home and the Art of Procrastination

By October 14, 2013February 23rd, 2016Business, Self Development

Procrastination can be such a pain sometimes, can’t it?  You kinda know what you should do right now but you delay and delay and Delay and then you feel nothing but regret for not doing it earlier.

Sometimes, you get to the point of overwhelm.  You have loads of great ideas but implementation is such a struggle.  So much to do and after a whole lot of panic, you do nothing.  It all feels too much to commit so you do not!

The regret inevitably follows.  All the time wasted!

While procrastinating and panicking, you know that by delaying the actual action, you will get annoyed with yourself and yet you feel unable to get out of the cycle.  You fill the time with seemingly important stuff but you know you are just delaying the inevitable.

Have a watch of this video and tell me if any of that apples to you.  What do you do to combat procrastination?

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