Room With No Walls

Room with No Walls

Do you know you live in a room with no walls? Do you understand that the limits you place on yourself are the very reason that you get the results that you do.

Can I promise you that life will always work out the way you want it to? Absolutely not!

Can I promise you that you can live a life with meaning, purpose and love? Yes.

What if you did all the things you wanted to? What if you did them and they did not immediately work out? Would you be a more powerful person for it?

Absolutely yes!

Could you then go on and create something else?

Absolutely Yes!

We get bound up in living half lives because we are petrified of what people will think of us if we fail. We throw tantrums when we do not get our own way and yet, we refuse to take full ownership of the results we get.

We truly live in a room with no walls and we can create a life that is full of love, success, light. Maybe not the way we think right now but as we walk on the journey, who we are becomes so much clearer to us and the things we think we want, become clearer too.

So, join me as I sing of a room with no walls…

Get your journal out as you listen and think about what a room with no walls could mean to you. Write down you thoughts, consider where your own limitations are. Consider where there could be a new way to think.

What if you took full responsibility for where you are and you chose to get support? One of my clients got fed up of doing the same things for two years in a row. He knew exactly what he needed to do in order to change his path and yet, for whatever reason, he felt unable to break out past his limitations.

Together, we have designed a plan that takes him past his self imposed limitations, he is already growing his life and business to places he did not think he would reach. Could you do with this support? Get in touch by clicking over to and request your one-off coaching month with a view to breaking free of any holdbacks and deliberately design the life you desire.


You can live in a room with no walls.

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