It is fairly amusing to see people do this thing where they think that because they have paid their dues to their higher power, he/she will now give them the secret path to wealth that no one else has.

I see it in Christians who think that because they have the hotline to God, they can now just wait for the miraculous path to appear to them in a vision so that they do not have to do what we, mere mortals, have to do to create wealth.  They think that you escape the need to test, tweak and test, tweak again when you are THAT CLOSE to God.  They buy into all the miraculous stories of faith and how this other person over here just got the download from the heavens and they spoke a few words and suddenly everything they wanted came to them.

They forget that this person possibly did a whole lot of other things that did not work before finally getting to the thing that did work.  No one tells that story or more to the point…  NO ONE HEARS THAT PART OF THE STORY even if it is told.

And I do it too so honey, don’t worry, I am not putting you down.  In fact the reason, I am writing this post right now, is because I got the download from God telling me that I need to stop looking for some magic from the heavens and go be the magic by taking action on the ideas in my brain!  Ha ha!

Stop buying into some idea that there are an elite few who gets special favours from their higher power or that have some special kind of wisdom that you do not have access to.  You have the same exact powers, you hear the same messages that they do, you have your own unique gifts and talents but the thing you are missing, that those gurus of faith have, is a willingness to fail.

You want the first thing you do to work.

You do not want to have to believe and trust the process…

You just want it to work immediately or you are going to doubt yourself and doubt your ability to create the income and have the impact you KNOW you are called to have.

And because of that lack of faith in yourself and in the process, you will not get the end result.

You will keep hearing other people’s stories of awe and wonder and you will keep wondering when it will be your time.

It is your time NOW!

There is no need to wait.

Right now, you have ideas in your brain waiting for you to put them into action but you are looking for some magical certainty and you are praying and pleading and wishing and wanting to be absolutely sure before you do anything with the ideas and so, finally, the ideas go off and find someone more daring and courageous to put them to good use.

You then start to feel stuck inside…

You feel that quiet dissatisfaction rising within you…

You start to wonder where your higher power is in your struggle…

And All of creation waits for you to wake up and get to work.

Will you?

Instead of waiting and just plain old waiting for a miracle, why not hustle while you wait?

If you are a leader that wants to impact more people for good and also increase your income, there are certain things you must do…

1.Build An Audience of people interested in you and what you have to offer

You do this online by starting a revolution with your words.  There is no way to escape doing this so why on earth not make a start already to warm people up to you and to your message?  Get over your fears and start telling people about what you are about.  You have access to all kinds of social media platforms – USE THEM!  Say something, invite people to pay attention to your message.  Start a revolution.

If you are a leader, then honey, you KNOW you have something to say.  You may be nervous about it and wonder what it has to do with your product, service, books, music, ministry and you may wonder if anyone cares to hear what you think…

But everyone is looking for someone to trust – That person can be you and you can change lives in the process of speaking whatever is on your heart to speak.  YES YOU CAN!

2. Have a way to stay in touch with them

With the growth of social media and the ability to re-target people, it is becoming a matter for debate as to the value of a mailing list but the truth is, your mailing list is yours to do with what you will, whereas a list built on the Facebook platform will disappear the moment FB disappears which you have no control over.

So, for now, build a mailing list by inviting people who are interested in what you have to say to join it.  Give them an incentive for joining the list and make sure that once they are on the list, you do not just sell, sell, sell!  Also, inform, entertain and inspire and then…

3. Invite Them To Buy Repeatedly!

Someone called me relentless this morning and I was pretty flattered!  Yes, honey, you have to be relentless if you are determined to impact the world, to make a difference and to change lives.   Yes, you have to be relentless if you want to make money for you and for yours.

Some people will find you annoying…

Others will be drawn to your determination and drive…

Regardless, all that matters is that you are living out your calling because you KNOW that you have something that can help others, right?

So get to work and start inviting people to buy!  Get over your fears and doubts and waiting  for magic and just get to work telling people how you can help them and asking them to come buy.

Let those who are not your people leave the fold – They are not ready for your power yet and that is okay.  Call the ones that are ready to come take the next step.  And despite my relentlessness, I have had people tell me that they did not even know what I did until the one day that I send a specific email that gets their attention and then suddenly, they buy everything from me but if I had assumed that everyone knows what I am doing then I would have missed my opportunity to help that person.

I tell you that so that you stop assuming that because you know what you are doing, that everyone else does too.  They don’t!  They are more concerned about themselves and their issues and they are not thinking about you as much as you think.  SO tell them, tell them, tell them.  Make it easy for them to take the next step.  Assume NOTHING and tell them, tell them, tell them!

Stop waiting for a miracle and act on the wisdom in your heart NOW.

You are leader.  BE RELENTLESS in the pursuit of your calling and be relentless in your choice to help people with your product(s), service, ministry, music, books.

Fight for, create the life you are born to live.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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