You are not a stranger to hard work

You are not a stranger to struggle

You have fought for everything in your life and you have won

You have created a good life by most people’s standards

But you KNOW there is more to you

Your current existence is ok but you deeply desire so much more – You want to get on your purpose path, you want to be fulfilled, you want to be financially free and ABUNDANT, you want to be changing more lives with the message within you.

And here lies the challenge…

Do you actually have the courage, the faith to go after all that you truly desire?

You have been dabbling with getting that purpose-aligned business off the ground but you are not all in

Be honest.

You took the path that most people take to get the ‘good’ education, the ‘good’ job, the ‘good’ life and yes, you worked harder and struggled for it but it was a sure thing.  It did not really require you to have any faith and though you talk a GREAT game about walking by faith and following the guidance of the Divine, you only do it when you have nothing to lose

So now, though you feel deeply dissatisfied, you are also comfortable in your dissatisfaction.

You know you are meant for more

You know you could create the more

But you are wimping out

You pretend to be going all in but you are not truly committed

When you have to invest in advertising to grow your business, you shy away

When you have to pay for ANYTHING to reach more people, you shy away

When you have to invest in mentoring to get clear strategies and guidance, you shy away

You say silly things like I need to manifest the money first when you know you are just chickening out!

Or “I just need to check with my partner/parents/children” as if you would ever allow anybody to stop you doing something you are fully committed to doing!

When you went to college to get that education that you needed to build your current existence, did you for one second doubt that you would need to take out a loan and use other people’s money to get yourself there? In fact, you were probably excited and thankful for the fact that you could use other people’s money to get the education.  It was a thing of pride!

But now that you need to invest in your own true design life and business, you are freaking scared and trying to sugarcoat it with ‘reason’ and ‘logic’ and spiritualese


You are wimping out of creating the life you actually want and guess what?! You will never get it until you fully commit and GO ALL IN!

This is the test, my love!

Do you actually believe all that you tell others to believe?

Do you actually have a deep abiding faith that you will always be taken care of?

Do you actually TRUST YOURSELF to stay on course until you break through?

Yes, you are called to be wayshower, bringer of the new, creator of generational wealth and all of that

Yes, you have a message that can change many lives and create lots of money for you and your family.

But will you actually face the challenge of breaking free from your current income bracket?

Will you actually fight the fight of creating a new, ever-increasing income stream while living out your purpose and calling?

Or will you stay here, wishing, wanting, hoping, praying, begging but never actually TAKING THE STEPS YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO TAKE to bring your true design vision to life?


Are you wimp or are you warrior?

Are you wimp or are you champion?


Will you live out the calling on your life?

Will you make the difference you are here to make?

Will you make all the money you deeply desire to make?

Or won’t you?


The Divine is not withholding anything from you

YOU ARE THE ONE WITH ALL THE CHOICES and the Divine will love and back you up whatever YOU CHOOSE to do.

So what will it be?

Purpose and profits as you rise to the challenge and get on your true design path?


Low-level sadness, self-deception (as you pretend you had no choice but to stay stuck) and a life unlived?

There has never been a better time to be a highly profitable, 6 Figure or more, coach, healer or course-creator than now

Will you rise to the challenge and join us or will you wimp out?

If you are DETERMINED and COMMITTED to making at least 6 Figures in your coaching, healing, course-creator business by this time next year, download The 6 FIGURE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS Book now at


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