You have not even begun to touch the extent of your abilities.

You have not even reached a tenth of your potential.

You have been playing too small while deep down knowing that there is more to you than this.

But will you get over your own self and rise up?

Within you are limiting ideas that you hold onto so tightly.

Ideas that you treasure as truth but which are lies.

Do you have the courage to challenge everything you have held as truth?

If someone had told me a few years ago, how much I would leave behind in my quest for the calling on my life, I would never have believed them.

I thought I was ok.

I thought my beliefs were fine.

And all the while, I was limping along, trying to be all things to all people and doing it rather badly and I even seemed to offend my loved ones, actually.

There has always been something different about me and I did not want to fully own it for the longest time.

I just kept trying to be the same as those around me.

I kept trying to believe the same as they did because surely, everyone knew better than the little whispers I could hear within me.

Freedom came as I stopped listening to them, started truly loving myself, even started being selfish and owning my selfishness.

I even started risking going to hell as I questioned my religious beliefs by taking them directly to the Divine instead of continually just listening to some person at the front, give me their interpretation.

I will not pretend this journey has been easy.

Or short.

I held on to everything for a long time and made it all take longer than it needed to.

And I see you doing the same.

You have all these doubts inside you about what you believe about life, the Divine, family, everything.

But you keep trying to push them down but that takes energy.

Energy that you could be using to build the life you want but instead you are using it to hold onto nonsense that makes you unhappy.

You do not truly believe you deserve to be happy, not really.

I know you think you do. I did too.

But now with hindsight, I can see that I never really thought I had a right to happiness.

I believed I was there to be of service to everyone else, at whatever expense, even my own peace, prosperity and happiness.

And I know that sounds great, if you are particularly religious or self-sacrificing.

“Lay down your life for your friends is the highest form of love” and all that – It sounds so noble.

Except, you do not have a life to lay down.

You do not even know who you are.

You have never taken the time to really discover yourself.

So, all you give people is a shell of a human and it does not work.

You think you are being noble but you would be of more service when you actually remember who the heck you really are, not what the world has told you that you have to be.

Oh, honey, I know these words are speaking to your heart but will you act on them?

Or just nod along and then go back to being a shell walking around pretending to be of service?



AWAKEN to the power of you.

AWAKEN to your true design.

Start by getting a copy of my latest immersion training – COMPLETELY CLEAR.

If you really truly want to make a difference on this planet, you need to live to your true design.

You need to remember who you are.

Then and only then will you rise to greater heights in service and all-round prosperity.

Much Amazing Love

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