The fear is not bigger than you

The doubt is not bigger than you

The anxiety is not bigger than you

You are more powerful than all of these things

You can see beyond all of these things

You KNOW you are called

You know you want to answer that call


So yes, the fear, the anxiety, the doubt comes to keep you in place but you do not have to let it…

I know that you have fought and won many battles before

But this time, it all feels so much

It feels like you just cannot live to fight again

But even that is the fear speaking to you

Whispering its horrid nothings to you

Telling you to lie down

Telling you to give up

Telling you that no one needs to hear from you

Telling you that you no longer need to take that next step

Making you dither and doubt and delay


Right now, reconnect with Source

Take a few deep breaths and let the love fill you up

Let the love and light you breathe in, remind you of your true nature

Your divine nature

Let it remind you that you are more than just your physical reality

Let it remind you that you are powerful beyond measure

You do not need to know all the steps…

You just need to know the next step

And then take it

Yes, remind yourself of the big vision of what you are here to create

Write it down

Say it out loud

Shout it out loud

Let it inspire you again

And then simply take the next step




No, you do not even have to completely believe in yourself in this moment


The fear, doubt, anxiety come to distract you

But they cannot keep you down

As I write this, I am reminded of Tony Stark in Iron Man 3.

I watched it last night again with the family and there he is, in the middle of full-blown panic attacks and despite that, all he keeps doing is the next thing…

Yes, the fear feels real…

Yes, the panic threatens to take him over

But he just takes the next step

I know he is fictional but do you not see that all leaders are going to face into this feeling of everything being too big for them to handle…

We all face into the anxiety, the panic, the fear, the self-doubt

What we desire is HUGE so of course, we feel panicked at times…

Of course, we wonder if we are deluded at times…

Of course, we want to cover up with the blankey and hide from the world at times…

But all we need to do is the next thing…

We stay connected to Source

We stay connected to the vision

We take the next step

You can do this

You have overcome more than most

And you are still standing


The vision is real


You do not get to be a light without choosing to shine DESPITE the darkness

I invite you to AWAKEN – The One on One, No-Holds-Barred 90 Day Coaching Program For The Spirit-Driven Leader.  Master The Art Of Deliberately Designing A Life Of Freedom, Fulfilment & Financial Abundance.

You and I will work together to bring your vision to life

You are already someone who KNOWS you are capable of more

Your current life experience proves it

However, you are also holding back

The life you really desire seems way out there…

It seems impractical, illogical and unreasonable to think that you can create ALL THAT!

And so you hold back

If you are done with that, then let us bring that vision to life now

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We will…

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And you will

– -> leave this free consultation with crystal clear clarity and also, re-inspired to live the life you actually desire 

And if it is a fit, I will suggest how we can continue to work together going forward in AWAKEN


Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister



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