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By August 26, 2012February 23rd, 2016Perseverance, Self Development

It has been an eventful week here in the household of the Mum in Business.  Breakfast meetings, evening meetings, viewing properties, chasing solicitors and negotiating deals – All exciting, all lovely.  Great times indeed.

This week I discovered places like BNI and 4networking which are great places to network and meet other business people.  Great fun, though the 645am breakfast with BNI is a bit much for my tummy really.  I found myself eating fruit instead of a sausage and egg butty.  Way too much for that early in the morning.

Anyway, what would I like to talk about this lovely evening?  It is the fact that in the midst of all this business stuff, my lovely first daughter V, has learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers!!!!  See her on the video.

I am sooo proud of her and yes, I know, every child does it finally but this is my first one to do it.  The thing about her doing this was that earlier that week, she had almost convinced herself that she could not ride without stabilizers.  She kept feeling she would fall and was uncertain that she wanted to try.  But then on Thursday, she decided she was going to give it a try.

We packed her in the car with bike and sisters and lovely Uncle who had come to help me for the day.  I dropped them off at the local park with a spanner to use to take off the stabilizer wheel when she was ready to really go for it.  And I wondered if she would actually dare to do it.

I went back to pick them up after making my calls, viewings and putting adverts around the place.  And what did I see, my baby riding towards me!  I was so excited for her and she was toooo excited as well.  I kept telling her how proud of her I was, she kept asking me how proud I was of her – We were pretty thrilled! And yes, though I should not admit to this, I even bought her a few sweets to celebrate her victory.

OK, OK, as I said earlier, this is probably not the most exciting thing to happen in people’s lives but I wanted very much to highlight to her what can happen if you just dare to do something.  At home, we say things like ‘Try, try, try again, that’s the way we get big and strong’ and ‘where we are today is where our mind put us, where we will be tomorrow is where our mind takes us’.  I am never sure if they really understand what I make them sing on fairly regular occasions but when things like this happen, I use it as a reinforcement of these concepts.

The concept of trying and trying again is a great one to take on board, not just for the kiddies but also for us the adults.  Sometimes, we want so much to be perfect at a new task immediately and so we are too scared to give it a go, in case we are not.  We never give ourselves the chance to become good at it.  What thing could you try and try again, just to see whether you can get better at it?

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