Look at us…

Well, okay, I am going to say – LOOK AT YOU because honey, I have been looking at me for so long now and I was appalled by the fact that I was fighting to keep a life I did not even want and so I got done with that…

And so, now, I just look at you…

Making it so hard on yourself to win…

Making it seem so impossible to get what you want…

You have been conditioned by the world to think that it is impossible and you went along with it…

Just like I did for so long…

I went along with settling for feeling that low-level depression every single day and seeing it as normal…

I went along with defending to the death my right to be unhappy because I told myself no one can expect to be happy all the time…

I went along with feeling pious when I denied myself every good thing because hey, I don’t want to be selfish or greedy or WRONG or FAT and go straight to hell on death…

It was just the norm to spend time commiserating my losses with friends who all shared the same losses…

And we all felt so good, so holy while fighting and defending our right to be poor and broken…


I got done with that.

I remember a friend, who had started avoiding me, telling me when I finally caught up with her that I had become all about money and so she was not sure she wanted to be around me any more…

It hurt but my response to her was simply, “No, honey, I got done with being broke all the time”

Which unfortunately is her lot.

But she is happy with it so, who am I to tell her otherwise?

But you, honey, I am here to tell you otherwise…

to tell you that if you continue to convince yourself that you have to suffer…

That your higher power is somehow behind all your struggle and that it is part of making you holy enough to enter heaven or something silly like that…

That you will get what you expect

More struggle

More pain

More brokenness

Because it seems that that is all you want

I mean, lets look at your actions over the last 30 days…

Have you simply been waking up and taking yourself off to work?

Or have you been sometimes working your business and other times, feeling down and out and so just not working it anymore?

Have you been feeling sorry for yourself and begging, pleading with the heavens for some miracle as though the miracle will ever be found ‘out there’?

Have you been reading my posts, KNOWING that you need to work with me but then finding all kinds of reasons why you cannot do it right now?

Or are you even already working with me and lurking, disappearing off the horizon as fear takes you over and makes you feel like you can never win?

Let me tell you right now, ALL OF THAT means you are fighting to KEEP A LIFE YOU DO NOT EVEN WANT!!!

Which, I am sure you will agree, is just plain crazy!

CRAY CRAY honey!

And it is all because some person or persons conditioned you into thinking that you cannot create the ‘Because I want to’ lifestyle!

They told you that you had to put up with nonsense

And you go along with it

Ignoring the little whispers inside of you telling you that you are born for more and that abundance is your birthright

Well, I was you, once upon a time, and then I got done with that!


First, I got done with being permanently broke and FOREVER doing work I did not want to do to bring in money…

And then I got done with being just over broke…

And then I got done with settling for anything less than EVERYTHING in every area of my life.

I got done with having no fun in life.

I got done with feeling alone in the grind and struggle.

I questioned and still question any religious belief that causes me to doubt the desire of the Divine for me to live life in all its fullness…

I question any family conditioning that makes me play small…

I question anything and everything that tells me that I cannot have it all!

Because Why the heck not?

Why can I not have it all?!

Why is it so much easier to believe that we are here to suffer and just about get by?

I am done with that!

DONE, you hear me?!

And surely, you are too!

You struggle and struggle and struggle to STAND STILL in life!

Why are you fighting for a life you do not even want?!

If I am going to struggle, honey, then it is going to be to create a lifestyle that I adore…

And I know now that the biggest struggle I truly face, is the one with the girl in the mirror…

Torn between settling for what most of the world settle for or completely committing to EVERYTHING that I desire…

Everything that the Divine whispers to me, is possible!

And you know what, I cut off my old life!

I turn away from it!


I now open myself to receive EVERYTHING!

Again and again and again!

I keep coming to new levels where I have settled for less…

And again, I surrender to the MORE!

Divine, I know the plans you have for me are good and so I no longer hold onto the old

I release and step into the good, awesome plan of abundance and MORE!

Thank You!

And honey, I hope you come for the ride too.

If you are one of us, come into the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE ASSEMBLY.

Come renew your vision.

Come remember how to have fun.

Come be reminded of your true design.

Come lets get you set up empwering people with the message within you.

Come lets get a new income stream set up for you

Come, you are born for so much more

Come clear the blocks to peace and plenty.

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Let’s expand into all that we are created to be.


Much Amazing Love

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