So, that title, right there, is what I felt called to tell you today…

I don’t completely know how to expound on it though of course, I am gonna try…

I am the girl with words, you know!

And so, here we go…

Honey, why do you walk around holding yourself closed off?

Why do you feel as though it is just you against the world?

I get it, I felt that way

I still sometimes get caught up in feeling that way

Because of conditioning…

That horrid conditioning from years of feeling like a victim to life, to people, to events, to circumstances…

I had my stories and I am sure you have yours…

But there is a part of you that KNOWS it can be easier

And it is.

It really is.

You can simply wallow in the love of an abundant universe

For me, I call The universe, PAPA

Because He has always been like the perfect father to me…

Always there

Always present

Even when I did not want Him

Even when I did not acknowledge Him

Even when I blamed Him

Ever present

Ever loving

Ever keeping me going

Now, I don’t just sit there waiting for everything to be handed to me

I appropriate it

Because I know it is there

I know it is real

I know it is true

I am the rich child of a lavish Papa

Regardless of how it may seem at times

Yes, there have been many, many days when I have to put the blinkers on so that I do not allow the physical reality to determine my faith levels

Because I know that the physical is an EFFECT of my past thinking

It cannot be allowed to be the CAUSE of my current thinking

And I tap back into the flow of knowing that I am the rich child of a lavish Papa

Now, you my darling, need to do the same…

Call it infinite intelligence

Call it the Divine

Call it the Universe

Call it Source

You simply need to live from that place of knowing that you are incredibly loved, cared for, provided for

That everything you can imagine and dare to go after, is yours already

All you need to do is open up to it

Accept it as a done deal

And act on those intuitive nudges

Yep, you can learn all the latest tricks and strategies about getting that intimate partner, losing that weight, making all that money…

You can even obey all the religious rules, attend the most services, read the holy book until you are blue in the face…

But ultimately, if you think that those strategies alone will save you when you feel like you live in a hostile world, then you are HIGHLY mistaken!

And you have probably already noticed that they don’t

YOU have been working and working and working at those strategies and be honest, they ain’t working!

It is the KNOWING, the deep down AWARENESS that you are loved

And Supported

And that all things are working out GREAT for you


Rest in that, honey

Just rest in that!

Yes, get clear on your desires

Yes, think about them often

And rest


Do the things you feel led to do

And enjoy the knowledge that you are fully supported


Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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