Life works when we are giving energy to our career, our relationships, our money, our body

Life stops working when we start to consider these things to be OUR source of energy

Life breaks down when we start desperately holding on to jobs, businesses, money, people etc as though we will die if they are not there.

Fear reigns supreme when we live this way

A deep sense of dread fills our souls because deep down, we know that those external things just do not have the energy we need to survive.

And so then we get into a fight for survival.

We fight each other for the limited energy we believe is available.

And all the while, we could remember to reverse the polarity.

Fall back in love with the Divine

Fall back in love with yourself

Begin to see this oneness with the Divine and this oneness within yourself as your true source

Out of this true source, everything else is powered.

And this true source is unlimited

Nothing to fight for when we get the polarities right

Nothing to earn or prove

No need to shove other people out of the way.

No reason to allow others to walk all over you in your quest to be the nicest person in the world

No reason to give up because you think you are not up to the fight


Yes, we live in a world where most people live the wrong way round but you can opt out of that at any moment.

Yes, to begin with, you will feel like you are crazy for thinking that you can somehow not join the rest of the world in their fight for survival.

But as you practise and re-learn how to live as your true design self, you will wonder why on earth you ever bought into the crazy system of trying to get your needs met by the very things you created yourself.

You can simply create other things.

You are not as limited as you keep believing you are.


Reverse the polarity in your life.

AFFIRM: I am one with the Divine and I am one within.  I AM ENOUGH.

Picture energy going from within your heart to the people, the career, the body, the money

See that the energy within you has no end

Rest in that knowing

And begin creating your life again, rather than continually reacting to it.

You have had lots of years to be mass mind conditioned into believing in lack and scarcity and the ‘struggle for everything’ mentality, so expect that it will take a little time to retrain yourself for a free, fulfilled, financially abundant, love-drenched life.

Make the commitment to yourself to reverse the polarity and come get a copy of my book – The Deliberate Millionaire’s CONFIDENCE Book as your next step towards reprogramming yourself for prosperity in every area of life.

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Much Amazing Love


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