Do you ever feel like your creativity is taking a nose dive to nowhere?!  I do!  There are times when it is a struggle to get any creative thought through.  And I pride myself on being a content machine so this hurts my heart when I feel blocked up and unable to come up with inspiring ideas for the DELIBERATE LIFE community.

So here is what I do to overcome…


I have a certain expectation from myself and I do not allow myself to drop beneath it.  For instance, I decided a while ago that I would create a blog post every single day, come hell or high water.  And so, I do.  I do not cut myself any slack.  I would literally have to be in a coma to not write a blog.  I set the standard and I expect that I will reach it.  And because I place this demand on myself, I reach it.  To me, this is the deliberate design of my life.   Some may see it as too rigid but well, ‘some’ do not get the life they desire.  I also have a ritual around my creative time so that there is an expectation that things will work a certain way by a certain time.  This sometimes does not work completely but it does work more times than not.  And I feel odd when I am out of my daily ritual.

Where do you need to set standards for yourself?  Standards that you refuse to go below?  What simple ritual can you put in place as well to set up a new habit?


I know I mention this every single post because it really is that critical to me.  My connection to Papa fuels EVERYTHING!  It really does.  Now, you may have a different name for this connection, like muse, intuition, higher power or spirit and that is fine as long as you are cultivating the connection daily.  It gets you in touch with creative ideas beyond just whatever is stewing in your mind.  I can ask a simple question like “What do the Deliberate People need to hear today?” and then I act on whatever idea bubbles up.  The only reason I have ideas bubbling up is because I have nurtured this connection.

As I expect from every client, at least 20 minutes each day, in silence, nurturing this connection will make a world of difference to your WHOLE LIFE, including your creativity.


When I am feeling horrid about something or the other, maybe I had an argument or some crazy story from the past is bugging me or I am not feeling particularly worthy then my creativity suffers.  I have learnt to clean and clear myself on a regular basis.  SOmething as simple as questioning the beliefs that seem to be rearing their ugly head can return me to inspired state as I shift the heaviness in my spirit.

What beliefs are you indulging right now that may be keeping your creativity low?


This is something I do irregularly but I know it works.  Simply get into the discipline of writing ideas down everyday.  Any ideas about anything just to prime the well for when you need it.  Most people, including myself, just want the idea muscle to work without any exercise and we know that does not work with regular muscles and it certainly does not work with the idea muscle.

If you want access to creativity all the time, access creativity all the time.  Whenever you have a few moments, just write down 10 ideas that will solve anything in your life.  They can be the craziest ideas ever and you do not have to use all of them but GENERATE THEM anyway!


Your creativity needs you to choose self-belief.  Without that, you will keep second guessing every idea that comes to you because you think you are not good enough.  And also, believe enough in yourself to put out what you may think is not all that great and trust that it is enough for the people you are called to.

Remember, self belief is a choice.


We, in this community, carry a deep sense that we are here to do something significant.  However, as a follow on from the last point, there may be a feeling that you are deluded to think that what you have to say, to demonstrate, is all that necessary.  And so then you hold back the message thinking no one needs to hear it or that others are sharing the exact same thing and no one needs to hear it from you.

Again, trust and self belief are choices that you make.  You need to realise that no one can share YOUR message in EXACTLY the way you can.


It all comes down to love.  You are here to impact and influence certain people.  You are here to do life with certain people and as you choose to love those certain people, you realise it is no longer just about you and how you feel.  It is also about them and what they need to hear, to see, to experience as they consume your message through your art, your writing, your music, your voice.

LOVE YOUR PEOPLE enough to get over your internal nonsense, ok?  There is no mistake about you, your purpose and your vision.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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